Please allow to fight AI from the beginning in the arena

A lot of my friends left the game mostly due to pvp inequality. Players who invested heavily in boosts just destroy those who did not. Last week, it took me 12 battles to earn 1 required dbi. 3 losses 3-0, 8 losses 3-1 and 1 win. Team composition were similar but boosts level much different in their favor, except the last battle.
If you could place the fight AI from the very beginning of the battle, I could do my dbi much quicker and I am certain that a lot of players like me would enjoy this and would remain with the game much longer. It would also allow the heavy boosted players to enjoy closer battles and cherish beating worthy opponents with similar builds as theirs.
I already left the game (and came back) a couple times. I can assure you that I will not come back the next time you let me leave.
What do you say

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While I would also like this to be an option it is highly unlikely to be added to the game. JWA, once get past the early stage hunting DNA stage, is a game centred around the Arena. If players can just get an easy win with the AI it breaks the concept of the game.

A better compromise might be that instead of a battle timing out because it can’t find an opponent, that it went straight into an AI battle.

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Yes, but it doesnt give ai period. If the game thinks it is going to it forwards you to a non-existent battle repeatedly which times out, that is until it can give you yet another arena dropper with 1000 more trophies than you.
If arena is supposed to be the centre-point of the latter half of the game then ludia need to fix it. Remove the bottleneck in aviary by adding more arenas, crack down (hard) on negative behaviour like arena dropping, crack down harder on players using exploit programmes that enable them to go through every status effect while having no move cooldowns, fix the matchmaking code so that battles are fair (ie not giving you an opponent (or 10) with max boosted lvl 30s when you have mid 20s at best, etc.

Currently it’s 30 seconds without an opponent that we get the AI option.
I don’t understand how it is possible to find an opponent then wait 60 seconds to sync up with the DB server and the web/app server.
I would still need to do real pvp battles for trophies. But let me battle AI more