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Please another irritator event

Considering this dino got if i’m not wrong 1-2 dino events (maybe just one), please it’s time to give us another chance to get this dino, maybe in the weekly dinos or just for the two week dino hunt.



Yes, another is most appreciated! :wink:


I have a TON of Magnas other 2 ingredients and Im stuck about 40 dna away from her so… Got my vote

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You realize you can farm irritator all day from arena incubators right!? That’s how mine is nearly lvl 24

A level 24 Irritator? Is it the red one or that weird white one?

Maybe you can play more than others and that’s how you can do it but sometimes it’s very difficult play for two or just one hour at least for me and perhaps there is more player in other situations similar or worse. And for your information it’s not neccesary show to us how cool you are, just with a positive comment or contributing something could be nice

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Just saying its an arena exclusive as long as you have unlocked the arena irritator comes from, spamming arena and occasionally speeding incubators will eventually get you huge piles of irritator, but alternatively you can just wait for the event to come around! up to you if you like waiting. Will take forever to power up Magna relying on that as its one of the most scarce event weeks! Just giving tips not flexing lol :joy:

I keep my incubator spots full at all times and always have one running and still don’t have enough irritator to create. Even after the event we had and I went all irritator. I don’t pay to speed up incubators so that’s probably my problem, but I usually only see irritator in them about 3 times a week. And even that is barely enough for one fuse. So while you can “farm” them from incubators, you could also be paying hard cash to speed up getting everything but irritator.

Also to farm efficiently gotta drop arenas to make the rare pool smaller! That’s why people drop nothing new there! There have also been like 3 irritator events we got 20+ attempts on! Its only a matter of time before it swings around again!? Though maybe not after Magna’s remodelling. I find dimetrodon the hard part to find was robed from my local ages ago people with high lvl tryo are prob having a fit!!!