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Please answer me this

Usually I would have 2 supply drops within close proximity of my apartment. Then it went down to 1 supply drop. Now I check today to get FIPs and it is totally gone. Is there some rotation of supply drops in this game or not? Please enlighten me with the cause of this sudden change

Yeah there is, and sometimes they get moved around to the point that they clump together in some areas and other areas become a desert. Also, look at this abomination!


They get their info from googles playable points which are a collection of random and strategically placed locations called playable points Ludia then has algorithms in place to turn a certain percentage of them into sanctuaries. Supply depots and green events…

The gist of it is when google updates their playable points only then are locations changed and something caused thode two spots to be taken off the playable points database.

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A week or so ago I had a green one on my house and an orange next door. Then after relaunching or spinning the green one they would swap. It happened a few times that week. Normally they don’t move around. After this last patch they’ve changed a little bit.

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Oh ok so I am not the only one. The supply drop was an orange one.

Ah good to know

I’ve had the supply drops change from two greens to one green and one orange. When I reboot my game, the two supply drops are both green again. :woman_shrugging:

When I see an epic tower in range from where I live, I try to do the tower as quickly as possible. I’ve had times where I waited to do the tower and then later in the day it moved. :confounded:

I came on here today for this reason, my son has been playing since day one and we had the same supply drops around our collectible area for those 3? years. Two days ago one his disappeared but mine and my daughters remained. Then yesterday mine went but my daughters is still there and i`m not talking about the daily mix up of types just the standard ones. Is it bug ?

so how do you explain this then if you look at the attached pictures you can clearly see there are more supply drops than you could poke a stick at so many in fact you could throw a stone in any direction and hit one of the ruddy things dead center lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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My local area is static mostly but the area further out changes a lot and I find large numbers of drops in a random location and then nothing for ages. I’ve found housing areas are getting less and less drops but town centers, industrial areas and high traffic locations are getting more. But that might just be coincidence?

Noticed minor changes. At work and at home I have 2 supply drops on the building. This hasn’t changed in ages, but the ones around it vary a bit per patch. I lost 2 within reach and gained 1 at work, and also at home. In general it feels like it’s about the same amount when travelling. I mostly spend my days in areas with lots of houses or a city (350k inhabitants) center.

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