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A while back I recall reading that matchmaking in Aviary could put anyone against anyone no matter what level or strength their team was .
Is this still the case as I seem to be put up against boosted level 28 - 30’s which is mad as I have average boosted 21- 25’s . Does the algorithm get wiped in Aviary ?


What was/are your trophies at?

My trophies are between 4550 and 4750 .

Oh, well that sucks. I thought maybe you’d been at 5+k range and were meeting people near you in trophies but that seems a bit heavy handed. Where you about the same in 1.6?

I was one of those opponents (perhaps not yours specifically - I checked my recent battles to see if your forum screen name was in my list of IGNs for recent opponents, but it wasn’t) and it was making me mad with each win, because it was so unfair. In fact, before I saw your post, I posted this in another thread. I did genuinely feel empathy for each opponent, because it’s just not sporting, these matchups. So, I feel for ya, @Schtemty, and all of my opponents who had mathematically impossible matchups.

Sidenote/rant: It would be different if trophy awards were more appropriate. I’ve been very vocal here for many, many months, that the principal problem with arenas is the points awarded/lost, and not necessarily the matchmaking itself. I’m perfectly happy to enter battles with long odds, but the points have gotta match the risk. Yes, I know Ludia tried to address that in 1.7, and we all know the results (bungled because it was released at the same time as boosts, which meant that their benchmarking to determine the odds was apples-and-oranges, regardless of how many times they ran simulations through a Monte Carlo… if they even did that. I’ll also add that it was abundantly clear that they never factored-in the speed boosts properly, nor the crit-adjusted average attack, to say nothing of what the combination of a speed boosted+attack boosted+crit dino would do; Exh. A: Thor).

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Hey Schtemty, Jorge’s thread here might have some useful information that would clarify things up a bit:

The trophy range for wins and losses is now 20-40 instead of the previous 10-50. Much better than before.

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So in 1.6 I was at around 44450 - 4550 .
When 1.7 was launched I hit 5100 after about two weeks , I thought wow I never believed I would hit 5000 ! I had used whatever boosts were given and bought one lot of each so my team had level 3 boosts .
Now it has level 5 or 6 boosts and only one Dino is level 25 ( erlidom )
Magna 21 , Tryko 23 , Diora 22 , Thora 24 , Tuora 24 , Mongo 24 and the rat at 22 .
So playing boosted level 28 - 30 dinos seems so unfair and I’ll often lose 3 -0 without having a chance !

Yes, the collar on trophies is smaller, but I don’t feel like many of the opponents in my examples above should be losing 30 and/or that my wins were worth 30, in most cases.

Also, in theory, I very much like an expanded trophy collar. It allows for big gains from underdog wins. I just think the probabilities were completely bungled in JWA’s modified Elo ratings algorithm when collars were widened in 1.7. I rarely felt like the risk:reward was even close to being appropriate.

Winning or losing 30 is basically “even money”. It’s as fair as it gets. It was terrible with the 10/50 curse before this. I would have to win 6 matches for every loss just to make progress of 10 trophies. It was a nightmare.


Doesn’t help as I faced someone with 4900 trophies at 4100.

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I just want the arena to be working right. Most battles I’m getting now are pretty easy. The occasional harder opponent. Though I’m hoping the reset will balance everything again like before :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Not to mention the AI options showing a lot lol never finding many matches quite often

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i didnt get this 10-50 / 20-40 thing.
the trophies i receive or loose isnt based on players differences? i mean, a stronger player if (obviously) win, i loose less trophies for that player, right? other situation, if i miraculous win against stronger player i earn more trophies from?

but whats that 20-40? the minimum trophies transferred after a battle is 20 and max 40??

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Got me? I was confused also…


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I thought if you were a stronger than your opponent and you win you only got 20 trophies but if you lost you lost 40 trophies. If you were weaker and won you got 40 trophies but if you lost you only lost 20. If you were evenly matched it was closer to 30/30.

If you lose you lose at least 20 but the most you can lose is 40.

Have to go back and look at the post on how trophies are awarded/taken.