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Please ask for a change

I know that the only thing you are going to tell me is not going to be so useful to say it, but hey, I want to share something and ask for a change. It turns out that I get complicated with the weekend events, since they are packages that are all good but very difficult to get, that’s why I like it, now there is this problem: it is the weekend, and at first glance it may seem: "What Does this have to do with that? ", But it is precisely on the weekends where there are tournaments, where if you want to win the biggest package you have many ferocious creatures, choosing between getting the tournament package or these other events, I ask you please that other super boring days (like Tuesday or Thursday) have these events

As a player who is just trying to get into dominator for the first time, I agree. But I doubt seeing it happen though.

Sorry to say but that’s not going to happen. Having it this way teaches you the importance of having a deep lineup, not just powerful so you can do both.

Well, tuesday is also hard dino event, but Monday and Thursday have still space for those great events

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Yes, it would be nice if they changed it to another day other than the weekend (and Friday which is where the tournament starts)

I understand totally. This weekend I am putting all my effort into the tournament, and I am not yet sure I can stay in dominator - it might not even be worth it. But when I review the last few weeks:

Before Lythronax tournament: did all events, occasionally made dom, fell out again.

Lythronax tournament, did modded event, didn’t do Sunday big event, got 1205 cups and scraped a tournament finish for the first time :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:. I love my Lythronax!

Next weekend, new creature, (Woolly Rhino), tournament takes off like a rocket, settle for Predator and do all events.

Similar on next weekend, Tupandactylus. Give up, cut losses, do events . Get 2 useful legendaries as consolation prize in Predator.

Erlikosaurus tournament, has a really low floor, do all events and finish in Dom at level 70 with a mere 1100 cups.

Last weekend, I’m not a VIP, so just did events.

All that time I have been building up more tournament dinos and trying to fill gaps. So this weekend I decided on trying for Kaprosuchus gen2. I have sacrificed the events and now on Sunday I am at where I finished for my previous tournaments, 1150 cups. Not sure if the two extra full runs I will get will be enough but am going for it.

So it has taken 6 weeks to get from no hope to a real possibility of getting a new Dom creature, and I think in 6 weeks more with more new dinos I can get to that plus doing the events.

It’s a good challenge! And it’s not so long since I was thinking, if only I could stay in Predator and do the events…