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Please at least fix 2 turns in a row rip off

It would be nice if the 1 for 1 turn system could Be changed in arena as it leads to absurd scenarios of 4 characters losing against 1. I can understand the rationale to some extent, as it means there is a chance of a come back once you’ve lost a character or two which makes it more interesting.

But …

what really should be fixed is the multiple turns in a row rip-off that stems from this 1 for 1 turn system

Had this happen twice in last five battles. They take their turn and kill one of yours then they take another turn.

If you want to keep 1 for 1 (turn by team) then make this consistent, if they have a turn and kill one of yours then your team (the remaining character) should get the next turn

Ive even had this happen in 4 v 1. They’ve killed my entire team one at a time without me getting a turn.

When everyone has low health it’s actually advantageous to be the player with only one character left (provided its your turn)

Mind boggling absurdity!

Hmm that’s weird it shouldn’t happen that way. It should only go back to them if it wasn’t them that killed you directly. For example they have a turn and then your character who is up next dies from an injury that hits at the beginning of a turn, then it should go back to them. That is the only way that should happen. I have gotten in the habit of recording all of my pvp battles for when word stuff like that happens so that I can send vid clip to customer service

While I see how this game mechanic can be frustrating, I do not find reestablishing initiative upon hero death to be disadvantageous. I use it to my benefit whenever possible.

It’s frustrating when it’s used against you.

Yes true it was against bard so could have been injure.

It’s still a stupid product of the 1 for 1.

The 1 for 1 turn system was ok when everyone didn’t have every item in game but now that most people in arena 7 plus have an immortal cleric, a wizard with death move, a deadly rogue, a bard and warlock with wound etc the 1 for 1 turn system simply doesn’t work

I’m just constantly being killed by when I have 3 or 4 vs 1 because you can’t leave bard or warlock with wound for last, you can’t leave cleric because even if you whack 3 turn ability block on him you oftentimes can’t kill him in that time because he heals so strongly (and if you don’t he constantly gets death ward,), you certainly can’t leave wizard she will easily decimate a whole team when she gets one turn per your characters. Even rogue has cahnace awhen he s1 vs 3.

It simply doesn’t work.

Star Wars galaxy of heroes has 4 members teams and doesn’t shift to 1 to 1 turns and its still very playable. The system here just leads to utterly absurd battle after utterly absurd battle. so sick of winning often after a fair bit of set up and then. Losing in absurd garbage situations