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Please, benefit smilodon and his hybrids

With the recent information from gamepress, I see that it is a good opportunity to benefit this family, more than anyone else, smilonemys needs a benefit, if it stays like this, in 2.9 it will stay like that, please, she deserves it

Nemys needs more damage !!


1200 or something like that.


Giving back 4200 hp It had would be a good buff. It wasn’t op with that before and wouldn’t be now

Haha 2.8 update go brrrrr

Honestly thats all it really needs, the fact it can’t two shot thor and mortem is really stupid.

What do you think will happen to the decel shielding move will it just turn into shielding strike?

I mean thats what it had before, longe defensive strike, and it worked fine. However it worked fine was even tyrant I believe.

Honestly 1200 attack and 4200 HP is all Nemys needs.


I think that was mainly due to the fact that it had 4500 health and 1500 damage (I’m not sure can someone confirm exactly what stats Smilo had?). Also yes, Smilo needs a buff. The 300 hp nerf (Ludia was really disliking cats that day) was unwarranted, and it can’t kill most fierce. So yes, if it got 1200 damage and 4200 health, it should be just fine. It’s now a reliable Thor and Mortem Killer (like we don’t have enough)


Yes on attack, no on hp. Its already difficult to kill without shattering considering it has very forum of damage midagation, adding 300 hp to something that good is not needed just making sure it can kill certain creatures is enough.

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It had 4200 before, and it was fine. Rather balanced, and actually rarely used. The health revert would buff it to around where it should be, a decent unique which is made from my 3 epics (one is somewhat easy, one is a little harder, and one is basically exclusive with how rare it is).

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for smilonemys i do use it in pvp and its quite op but the damage needs a buff

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Just 1200 is enough. Otherwise she’s fine.

It’s fine as it is tbh. Buffing it would only make the swap meta more worse to deal with.

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It needs more damage, at one time I thought it needs more life, but not with that armor, it needs a minimum of 1200 damage and although it would not hurt to have an “escape in prowl”

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Smilocephalosaurus and Nemys are fine. Smilodon is MY concern.