Please buff alankylosaurus

Among the dna ingredients that very difficult to get & even cannot be hunt in the wild. Please buff buff this creature to at least to a level that playable in competetive arena please. Cos i like flying dino. TQ


it is usable

It’s an Apex dino…

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Slow and weak


slow and weak and super lousy basic damage. i know cos im using her at level 24 now in my team for almost a month.

For a dna that cannot be hunt in the wild, cannot get from epic scent in any zone, only can get from epic battle incub, and worst only can get at level 9/10 arena… this alanqa dna is very difficult to get.

So ludia. Please make justice to these difficulties that we have to face, compare with other dino

Its so easily taken out by, well, anything in my team anyway.

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I like her too, but she’s still l18 so can’t depend on her much unless facing Indom or other raptors which she’s absolutely the best choice at defense

I think it’s useful enough using her properly.
At least in the 4100/4300 Trophies I usually battle.

In 4100 the bird is still comfortable (level 17) and reaching +4250 she’s kind of: “I shouldn’t be much more time here”.

In my humble opinion despite it’s “low” damage she can do some great damage to several dinos and prepare them for the big bite of a Gorgosuchus or other beast in my team. Short shield + long invencibility well used is enough to take down some dinos and damage others.

Ludia: Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll add a unique super-hybrid based on Alankylo.

↑ I think this might be the result.:sweat_smile:

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s😱omg… if thats the reply, i will be the first to cry. ive level her up to 24. if ludia creating a unique base on her, i will cry blood

It’s basically like Tragodistis. With more bulk and less speed. But more shields.

Alanky is useless at arena 8/9. Everyone has Defense Shattering dinos. And hardly any Indominus anymore. At lower arenas, it’s useful since everyone has Indominus now after the Halloween event. There is a good possibility that a hybrid based on this is coming as there are no unique Pteranodon in the game right now.


It’s a flying Indominus ****block and pretty solid against raptors too, are you having trouble because you trying to take down gorgosuchus or a stegod or sumthing?

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The problem is not that it is useless in the sand 8. The problem is that those of us in arena 8 do not have access to DNA from Alanqa and, therefore, our Alanqylosauro is fixed at level 16/17/18 and that makes it Useless. If I had it at level 21/22 it would very possibly be on my team.

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A little stat buff whould be apreciated, attack stat or buff attack, (i still dont have alankylosaurus)

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I have mine at lvl 20 from just the strike events they gave away alanqua and all the events not to mention all that gen2 anky everywhere… Not exactly arena locked when there’s a constant stream of DNA from all the events

As far as I understand, it’s a higher level Arena Exclusive. Therefore I can not find it wild or even in a usual incubator. I can only get his DNA at some weekly event. In the week of events of “Birds” I managed to take it to level 17 and became one of my favorite creatures. Several months later it remains at level 17, whereas, for example, in the same months my Stegodeus has evolved from 21 to 25, my tragodistis from 19 to 23, I have created Indoraptor and I have evolved it to 22 … that my dear little bird left my team and it is difficult to come back.

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