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Please buff Ankylosaur

Please buff Anky! He’s one of the worst epics right now while he deserves to be strong. Why? Just look at this giant, armoured walking tank with a giant tail club and then look what he can do in JWA…
So what he can do? Nothing, unfortunately… Extremely low attack with only 1x moves means no offensive power. Yeah, he can make his targets vulnerable, but it’s still only 1275 non piercing, non shattering and non precise damage. Not to mention he’s totally useless against immunes…
So maybe he’s a good tank? Nah. Let’s compare him with an actually strong tank, Carbonemys. Anky wins in terms of HP, he has 510 more. Unfortunately this is his last advantage over the turtle. Anky has only 30% armor while turtle has 60%. Does shield help him? Not much… 70%/2 = 35%, so a shielded Anky absorbs 65% of opponent’s damage. 5% higher than turtle. Yes, but remember that in exchange turtle gains a 3x move. Let’s say it makes him slightly better. Turtle can also heal and create his own shield, making him absorb 80% damage. Anky can only use II which is unfortunately useless in his case. Carbo is also immune to dot, while Anky is vulnerable to bleeders. Before you start complaining, it’s not a nerf turtle thread. I just want to show you how weak and useless Anky is in comparison to Carbo, so we should buff him.
So how to rebuild him? Take a look at my idea:

First of all, I don’t want Anky to be a Carbo clone. I want him to be a different type of tank, just not useless anymore
My idea:

  • HP increases from 4050 to 4650
  • Attack increases from 850 to 1000
  • Speed decreases from 116 to 102
  • Armor increases from 30% to 40%
  • Critical chance stays the same


  • Superior Vulnerability reverts back to normal Vulnerability Strike, so Anky loses speed control. I don’t like every tank having speed control, so I decided Anky should be different
  • Long Protection stays the same
  • Instant Invincibility becomes Club Smash, so Anky gains much more offensive power and finally makes use of his giant tail club
  • Club Smash - Inflict vulnerable immediately. Deal 1.5x damage. Vulnerable stays for 2 turns
  • Immunity to vulnerable stays the same
  • No new immunities are added

New Anky is much bulkier and tankier than current one at the cost of speed. He’s now one of the slowest dinos, just like irl. Club Smash and attack buff finally allow him to do some serious damage. New Anky relies on vulnerability stacks made by VS and Club Smash. He loses speed control, so he’s easily countered by faster chompers, bleeders and rend users.
What do you think of this rework idea?

  • I love it!
  • I like it!
  • I don’t know…
  • I don’t like it…
  • I hate it!

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You can also post your own Anky rework ideas!


Sure, as long as tryko doesn’t get club smash or any sort of vulnerability.


Tryko should stay as he is now. He’s perfectly balanced. Same with Dio. This rework is meant to affect only Anky, maybe Rajakylo and Ankyntro too (because they’re also underpowered, especially Rajakylo)

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I think it also deserves a 20 or 30 % criticar chance, You know a precise tail smash could break bones

Now sorry but I’m going to sleep. 1:30 here lol. I’ll reply tomorrow

HP 4200
Attack 1000
Defense (40%)
Crit (25%)
Speed 110 (Even less)

Long vulnerability strike (1x vulnerability 2 turns )
Ready to defense (0x, priority, shield 3 turns, gains counter attack 2 damaging moves, only expouse weak spot can nullified the counter, this move it’s based on the movie)
Precise shattering Rampage delay : 1 coldown : 1
(Precise, break shields doesn’t go through armor)

So my version its a tank that can offense more than defend, it’s a armored creature with a tail club, if you get close you’ll paid for it, You might tink it’s too strong but doesn’t have any speed control or distraction cleanse, can break shields but doesn’t go through armor, also has a precise move, i based this creature on the movie Jurassic wolrd

Ankyl is one of the most powerful species in the Cretaceous period. Its club moving fast is so strong that the biting TRex may be crumbled and perhaps crackled down the leg bones of the giant hence to fall from the heights, just only by the swinging of Ankyl’s tail Hitting. Fortunately Ludia needs to have it learnt (in realistic terms) from the ages, they have in hand to be done much more reformation of this Epic one to be functional more stronger than in its present form.