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Please buff diloracheirus

Many patches ago diloracheirus used to be something to fear. It used to be a dino that didn’t auto lose to almost every other dino.

Things have changed. Everything is immune to stun. And whats worst is that its other similar counter parts - erlidom and erlikospyx have some form of immunity. Erlikospyx is immune to slowing! Why doesn’t diloracheirus have that?

Why does diloracheirus feel stuck with such poor damage output turn 1? Why not replace distracting strike with distracting impact?

Give some love to this dino please ludia mods!!!


I remember when it was one of the best. I didn’t have it at the time. By the time I got mine to max level it was a benchwarmer.


Maybe give it nullifying impact instead of the distracting, and replace the rampage and run with distracting rampage, and keep the stunning rampage too.

I’d agree. There are several “old” uniques that are completely overlooked in the moveset and meta that are now surpassed by most new legendary and even some new epics hybrids. That being said there are tons of completely duff “old” legendaries as well.


Lol, if it was a new unique it would probably have Persistent Nullifying Speed Up Evasive Distracting strike as its basic move and maybe Mutual Ramgaging Definite Distraction as its 1 turn cooldown rampage and Lockdown Rampaging Regeneration for a 2 turn cool down.

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Its just so sad that this unique is being overlooked. People think dilo is trash now. Common ludia devs i know you can make it happen!!

@Ned I know you can let the word out Ned! Please. Im begging ya mate. Tell the staff. Just let this change sneak itself in to 1.15. Just a bit before the next patch! Its not much. Just change distracting strike to distracting impact or give it immunity to slow. It should be an easy change. Its doable. Please Ned!

Diloracheirus don’t need a buff

We just need to remove these partial immunes there’s too many in the game now


That would mean any chomper could almost one shot it turn one

Ok how about distracting strike, nullifying impact, distracting rampage, stunning rampage? It’ll instead be distractable, but at least it can nullify shields.
Alternatively keeps SS, gets distracting impact, nullifying rampage, and stunning rampage?
Or keeps SS, gets distracting impact, nullifying impact, and stunning rampage?

Honestly for me the thing is perfect as it is. Many people including me have suggested Superior nullification for the base move, as for the rest it’s fine it’s just the immune meta that has hurt it bad

I always loved the design of diloracheirus and I think that an Immunity to stun should help him a lot

Slowing immunity is what it needs. It really really needs slow immunity

Maybe 131 speed :thinking: or at least 130
Hp:4000 (more than the average 3860)
DMG:1200 (the same as dilo)
Speed:131 ( the same as deino)
Speed up & distraction (combination of speed up strike and distracting impact)
Superiority impact
Rampage and run
Stunning rampage

(Tbh all of its componets are really meh)

My version:
HP: 3450 ~ 3800
Atk: 1200 ~ 1450
Spd: 129 (keep)

Move set:
Superior Speedup Strike (based on MSS and SS from both components)
Distraction Strike (keep)
Great Stunning Rampage (keep)
Rampage And Run (keep)

It’s up to Ludia, we can’t help but keep giving our advices.

My rework had Revenge Stunning Rampage and Nullifying Rampage-and-run.

But I think it’d probably be better to do something about all the partials first. We don’t want to overpower it.
I think partial Immunities should be replaced by more creative new passive abilities that allow creatures to counter specific dinos, as opposed to literally all creatures that rely on a specific debuff.

He needs:

  • Superior Null
  • Distracting Impact
  • 130 speed
  • Revenge R&R (would give him much more swap utility)
  • Maybe a HP buff

And partials removed from many creatures that don’t really need them

Or maybe even 131 speed, Deino has it so it would make sense. Being the fastest viable dino would help him a lot I think, especially with moves from my rework

131+Revenge rampage and run?
That gonna make the world burn :rofl:

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I like it :grimacing:

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These are all interesting suggestions. But i just really want ludia to acknowledge that dilo needs some buffs