Please buff Glyptoceras

Please buff or adjust Glyptoceras, since it’s the weakest one compared to its regional siblings. It’s even less useful than Glyptodon itself

Richnicyon is powerful and Struthiomimus is op, while Glypoceras is totally useless in tournaments. It’s unfair that we cannot build strong regional dinos. Yes, there are regional pursuit weeks going on, but how many epics can you get in a pursuit week? Average 6 to me, so not helpful at all for me to build up other regional hybrids.

A few changes suggested:

  1. Change Cunning Strike to Superior Vulnerability, just like Glyptodon
  2. Increase Armor to 25%
  3. Add swap-in damage

The less Swap-In Damage creatures we have the better, but the other two would definitely be much needed improvements.


i would definitely love to see him buffed, he needs more armor and id change his moves from cunning strike to vulnerability strike and resilient impact to group cunning impact, maybe a small buff to his vulnerability resistance would be nice althought that isnt super necesary, the moves and armor are what matter to me

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What if really needs is critical rampage to lose the delay to give it a powerful turn 1


How do you like the buff? I basically used your guy’s suggestions and smashed them together as well as a few other things. Also I thought him being a wildcard would make more since because I thought it was weird that he has critical rampage and isn’t considered part fierce :sweat_smile:

Yes, please! 100% glypto needs some love!

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I think in Glypto’s case swap in dmg might be ok - if it was in line with the other swap in stunners

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