Please buff indoraptor

it is not immune to a lot of things unlike indominus rex attacks are also very low and seriously I think indoraptor gen2 is better so why is indoraptor a unique it is just like a lengendary or worse


indoraptor dies

indoraptor dies again

Idk maybe because its extremely easy to make


Indoraptor dies to indo gen 2 because of CAUTIOUS STRIKE

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Indoraptor shouldn’t be buffed at all. It is extremly easy to make and does its job perfectly. The fact that it looses to other creatures, even from lower rarity shouldn’t bother you, because it doesn’t really matter in this game (Albertosaurus, Woolly rhino or Angenteryx are perfect examples). The thing is that many players have already maxed up thier indoraptors, so buffing it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just the fate of Indoraptor and other Aviary creatures like Thor, Monolometro, Dracocerato and such. They are no longer userful as they face against harder to make, more powerful creatures used in higher arenas.


sure but this thing is very weak pu shield dodge and you lose just give him back his DSR that’s all he needs

I don’t think a creature that all you have to do to create is spam velo DNA requests and for Sunday ask for some T-rex and that both of its components are global that spawn anytime of the day should get a buff. Really it’s purpose is to be a starter unique and nothing else.


It’s way too easy to make to be worth buffing, it’s fine as it is imo.

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Honestly this is how I think indoraptor should be

i thought so too