Please buff Mammotherium and Smithetoceras

These two hybrids really just can’t hold a candle to Dilophoboa. Mammotherium literally needs 4 hits to kill Dilophoboa! Yes, Mammotherium is a more health oriented creature but that’s still ridiculous. And Smithetoceras easily gets 1 shot by it. Again Smithetoceras is a glass cannon but even without the type advantage Dilophoboa nearly 1 shots it.
Either buff these two in the next update or release better hybrids to better balance the Cenozoics!

My rough calculations for a buff(based off of Dilophoboa’s ferocity and it’s ingredients ferocity):

9048 HP (+602)
1698 AT (+114)

4460 HP (+297)
2896 AT (+194)


I agree with the Mammotherium but not Smithe

Why not smith ? Those need some sort of buff , there some legendary hybrids who are stronger than them.
Smithetoceras is the weakest tournament hybrid , it’s weaker than i rex gen2.
Mammotherium is weaker than priotrodon.


And also buff glythronax health to at least 13k, it’s an armoured rex… I find it ridiculous that these cenozoic hybrids are so damn weak when the components are pretty much the same strength as gorgosuchus and erliphosaur.

I think that mammotherium and smithetoceras should be buffed at least 1 to 2k more ferocity than you’ve suggested.


hmmmm. Not sure if i agree with glythronax having 13k hp tho……
I agree with mammotherium tho

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i agree that glythronax needs a bit more hp, it’s an armored rex
Maybe like 10k or 11k something like that

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Smith is fine. Mammo definitely needs a buff


Perhaps also a small damage buff to deinosuchus would be nice. Just that he is as strong as kentro or erliko

Everything’s got that health though, I suggested 12k or 13k because all the new hybrids are the same stats just different looks.

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yes i agree that glythronax needs a buff because its weaker than erliphosaurus which is a hybrid of tourney and rare and glythro is a hybrid of legendary and tourney and the cost is kinda expensive

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Why is it fine ?
It’s a weakest tournament hybrid . The only snow hybrid . Why should the Savannah needs a buff without the under represented and weak snows getting one.

So we can move on from complaining about dilophoboa and start complaining about mammotherium.
Only buffing mammotherium won’t solve the problem it’ll just shift it.


Smith is not that good it definitely needs a health buff or ludia can make it a glass cannon

thats a good point….

also does anyone know how to change the username or am i stuck with something my brother did-

If Smithetoceras isn’t a glass cannon, then what exactly is it?


semi glass cannon like aerotitan and spinotasuchus

his components don’t have high health unlike dilophoboa or mammotherium so he shouldn’t have more health than segnosuchus. Plus mammotherium isn’t stronger than a regular vip creature wich he should

Yep. He should at least be better than allonogmius

wait isnt apatosaurus like nearly the same stats as mammotherium

The components don’t matter that much. But let’s look at them. elasmotherium is the weakest super rare which is half of mammotherium. Synthetoceras has 20%+ higher max ferocity than elasmotherium. While wooly is only 13% stronger than smilodon.

If we just go of components not many hybrids make perfect sense. Cerazino has a good attack even though both its components are tanks.
Erlipho is so much stronger even with a component like dilophosaurus which is not a strong rare.