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Please buff Poukandactylus

I think the concept of Poukandactylus was good, and I think it has a lot of potential. But this unique suffers from garbage stats.

I mean come on, 2850 Hp at lvl 26? 1000 damage?
No resistances that matter? No speed reduction? This thing is worse than both of its ingredients. Ludia do something.

At least give poukandactylus the same stats as Poukaidei! If it had speed resistance or speed decrease immunity at least - it would help against resilients!


Has the stats of a common, imo. Even the common sloth has a higher attack and better health, and she can do the same things as Poukan (distract, dodge and speed up, 1x counter).


Seriously the parrot is a joke. Like c’mon why does Ludia hate flying creatures so much? Not even including the fact that one of it’s components (Haast Eagle) is an event exclusive! It’s not even worth the coins to level up and fuse. Better to level up the epic eagle honestly.


Ludia likes mice and rats birds and snakes eat those therefore Ludia dislikes birds and snakes which is why spinocon is weak and puokan is weak

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fun fact: 2 of its 3 components exceed 1k damage but not her. Antactovenator’s components do not exceed 1k damage, but Antarcto does.


I know from others’ comments that it’s a lesser version of its progenitors, but this is the first time I compared its stats to Poukaidei and all I can say is WOW.

There isn’t a single thing that would make it worth the fusions required to create it by comparison. It loses in nearly every aspect, and only gains a retaliation that it will not live long enough to use.

That’s got to be the worst example of a failed upgrade I’ve seen yet.

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my rework for poukandactylus


I think part of what makes Poukaidei so useful itself is the 100% resistance to stun while dodging. It’s one of the few Legendaries useful at least where I’m at to mostly block & dodge the annoying swap-in stun attackers and Thors that seem so prevalent.

If it doesn’t at least have that from its predecessor then no amount of health or attack buff will still be worth the fuse, especially not a stat buff that doesn’t quite or barely equals its components.


Woah woah woah remember this Ludia be careful what you say or we might get 10k hp poukans terrorizing the arena pretty soon

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Honestly at this point that won’t even make it relevant.

Poukendactylus has one of the best cunning kits in the game, probably only losing to erlikospyx and gorgotrebax. This thing with proper stats and immunities will be a very strong creature. The only problem areas are mostly the hp and immunities, as it has pretty decent output when you look at damage reduction, although having higher damage isn’t the worst thing ever. The best immunities would probably be a distraction, stun, and maybe even a 50% decel resistance. But give it too much and this thing will wreck house

But you agree its garbage right now and theres no excuse to spend any money on it?

You shouldn’t spend money on the game period imo, but it will probably get buffed, so it isn’t a bad idea to work on it

But you agree its trash right now right? Theres no justifying this being a unique right?

It isn’t trash, but it isn’t the best. Entelolania is probably worse

Ok then, Entelolania and Poukandactylus is trash. Do you agree?


I agree. And since it is a flier it really needs a swap in. Distraction would be great because it is a cunning. Minor stun resistance would also help with those pesky instant charges.

Should poukandactylus be buffed?
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