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Please buff Spinoconstrictor

Currently, spinoconstrictor is the worst unique in the game. I don’t think it should be.


what about the old exploit wound? i really miss it




love it so much

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While spinoconstrictor is bad, I wouldn’t say the worst in the game. I’d probably give that to vexus, unless we talk pvp, then tuoromoloch

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Vexus isn’t so bad, it’s swap in wound is great, plus it can distract and nullify. I’d say the worst is Tuoramoloch for pvp, or the unique bird

tuora isnt bad at all. poukandac got buffed. entelania got buffed. that leaves spinocon.

Tuoromoloch in PVP sucks. What can it do? It can 2 3000 in 2 turns and heal to try and stay alive before dying. It has terrible matchups with the best being alloraptor, which isn’t even high elite compared to the stuff spinocon can take. Vexus is kinda a mess I feel and while it is a jack-of-all trades, it’s spread too thin

constrictor could benefit from defining what it is supposed to do tho. it’s not bad, but it is confusing. i want to take out tanks with it, but it falls pretty hard to the more relevant tanks like tryko, dio, lania, etc.
could use it to take out fierce creatures, but those in the end game like thor and mortem are partially resistant to DoT and have ways around constirctor’s 1 turn distraction effects. (cleansing or IC) and evasion does have a chance to fail.


Spinoconstrictor is on my team but really only does well when someone makes a dumb move with their Tryko or Maxima (which isn’t often). It can definitely be bothersome for Maxima. I’ll continue to hold out hope that it will get a buff soon.

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I wouldn’t mind a buff. Although I can take out most of my opponents creatures or set them up to be killed by other team members, it can be tad underwhelming at times. Maybe stun immunity so I don’t have to skip a turn every time a thor goes for ic, but i don’t know where crossing the line is with buffs or what’s too little so I’ll leave that up to those who know lol

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Yeah, I find touramoloch can do some work, I run mine unboosted and it always gets me ready for a setup, or even gets me a KO. I’m not saying tuoramoloch is insane though.

i came with this idea, it can punish swap meta more and can defeat the tanks it should while it’s bad against cunnings like spyx and rinex and cunning resilients like orion and diloracheirus

shouldn’t on escape evasive impact have an evasive ability in the description?

it’s true sorry, corrected lol

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it doesnt need any buff because it aready has wounding counter.