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Please buff Thor Ludia

Thoradolosaur needs a buff big time he’s only good at raids and ardentismaxima can do that essentially just as well. He’s not to good at PvP either…tenontorex is made of 2 rares and 1 common yet it’s incredible… Poor thordor is made of an epic and now it’s probably worse than pterovexus at PvP.


Thor is very useful for raids because of its AOE move. I think Ludia has pivoted it to a raid dino.

Dentimax has an AOE first turn rampage

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I think the raid dino vs pvp dino is lame (not directed at you). To me it seems like a method for Ludia to make bad decisions and hide behind a new classification that does not even need to exist. They could easily give dinos specific group/raid moves while still allowing them to be fine for pvp.

Having said that, Thor does not seem as bad to me as people are saying, but it is a far cry from what it once was.

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What I say is keep group Shattering Impact, but give it back it’s Rampage! Sheesh.


Yup, I agree Thor is still not as bad as they claim. Just people can no longer nitro boost it to 3-0 somebody else.


Nope. Thor is the most annoying, over-boosted, yawn-enducing, crutch that people with no skill rely on to win. I would make it even worse if possible.


So you are one of those players who had that dinosaur with a lot of speed and a lot of attack and level 28-29? I’m sorry you better look the other way. Get used to it and accept that this kingdom is over, here you are not here to beg.

It could get the rampage back and maintain the group fierce impact, that would be enough to be good again in the arena and in raids.

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Exactly :facepunch:

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Actually no but I don’t like the idea of a formerly good balanced unique turned into trash that’s worse than it’s components

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And don’t say it’s good in raids cuz dentimax can do anything it can do but better

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It wasn’t good or balanced just before 2.0. It only seemed powerful because people kept boosting it.

In skill tournaments it was easy to see that it was one of the worst Uniques. Still is.


The only reason I would say to not buff Thor is that once it got a buff people would then find a reason to say nerf it… so I would leave it as it is

Not if it’s balanced. No one (except for literally one guy, I think) wanted Tryko to be nerfed. And Ludia decided to buff it for some reason.

Anyway, you don’t have to be so misanthropic about the whole thing. You just have to call it as it is and hope for the best, because that’s the logical thing to do.

They have to buff it (and Tenrex) or nerf the whole resilient class.

Cunning > Fierce > Resilient > Cunning and so it goes…
That, currently, ain’t true.

Plus, nerfing Thor and then buffing DC… that was mean.

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I am tired of Thor. He was an over-boosted crutch dino for too many, for too long. Not a Thor problem though, it’s a boost one.

Looking forward to fighting against a new crutch dino for a while.

Who was that one player? Tryko was a synonyme of “perfectly balanced” before 2.0

I don’t want to call people out. You have your huge poll thread, right? You could always refer to that.

So it’s in the poll. K, I’ll check it