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Please can we have an update ludia?


With the end of the tournament, no new hybrid local DNA announced, the end of the season and a recyled strike and special creatures event what can we look forward to?

With the spawn/epic nerf, incubators giving less useful stuff and making progress becoming more difficult we just wondered what good news is there.

The alliance DNA donating has been great and so have alot of the event weeks and strike towers espically the various weeks and lets not forget all that sino! We are all eager to know what you have in store for us? Maybe a golden chicken?

And since we all anticipate an update of some kind due to certain changes and then the data changing back, please can you or the forum staff give us a little teaser please :smiley:


To everyone else what do you think will improve or go worse?


I have a feeling it’s going to be a bird. They keep featuring these useless birds


I vote for a useless Unique bird, which will have no real impact what so ever to the current meta, but will look cute!


agreed on a bird but not useless. i think they will give us our first unique true tank and it will be alankyla + a common and i think will actually be good

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Naw, if it has alanky dna in it by default it wont be good. Ludia has been giving us alanqa dna since 1.5 hit… if its does get a unique it will be as viable as toura. There seems to be a power level ludia is comfortable with arena exclusive hybrids to have. I could see pteradon getting a decent hybrid though.


they are giving all the alanqa to us it isnt rare like an arena exclusive. also alankyla is suprisingly good if you know how to use it. the only thing holding it back from being meta is its health and more importantly damage. its the perfect counter to a lot of the meta actually. utarinex diloracheirus erlidom spinutah’s crit impact pyrittator and utahsino for lower levels and indominus rex. doesnt have a terrible moveset and if your opponent is out of shield breakers/nullifiers it is just hard to deny. it also works with a lot of the same meta dinos.utarinex diloracheirus erlidom and spinutah all have their way of running away. alankyla is the second best dino to run in unless your opponent has a chomper up (of course its no match to dracorex gen2 but what is. also it is definitely getting nerfed) i think alankyla is seriously underrated because swap in invincibility is no joke especially on a dino that can tank a lot of damage on its own. i think a unique alankyla hybrid, even if it kept the entire moveset and just gained some stats, would be actually meta relevant and good. think if they just gave it +150 attack,+250 health,+2 speed and long protection instead of short defense for example(the long prot is not necessary but would be good)


But alanqa is an arena exclusive. This is why it splits 8 hour chests with stygi.


yes but we got its event thrice now and more importantly daily missions give alanqa. ludia must have a reason to do that right?


Not necessarily. Sometimes they just do things, that completely goes against all logic, and common sense that is known to mankind!


i dont know it just could have been any other dino and a more known or needed one like t-rex would have suited much better but alanqa? i think they are up to something


A super hybrid that is awesome. Everyone focuses coins and cash on it.

Nerfed next update.

No one will care, because only the top 500 remain.

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What they are up to is giving us way to much dna of a lower apex tier dino. Giving us a ton of dna for free then giving us a powerful hybrid to use with that dna doesnt fit ludias normal pattern at all. By now most of us.are sitting on tons of alanqa putting it into a unique would make to much sense. Theyll give pteradon a hybrid first then bring back its 25 dollar incubator they sold when fliers came out for 50 nucks this time.

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i dont know. i use alankyla at level 21 as of now and i love it but it seriously needs a damage increase at the very least. it can turn matches around if you play it right but still one chomper and poof. worst dino against chompers but a really good counter for 4 or the 7 dinos in the tyrant tier


And chompers are all over the place right now with most running atleast 2 and some running 3. It doesnt do really well against bleeders either.

Its not a bad dino by any means but id take tragod over it any day of the week for a tank because of its higher damage and stun.


higher damage and stun are fine but to me only thing making tragod better than alankyla is its speed and alankyla is more situational but better at the situations its good at. and yes low damage is alankylas biggest problem. but with a unique superhybrid (potentially rumored stigydarex) can solve all these problems and that unique bird would be better than tragod




At least he got a response! :smiley: we must of done something wrong to Ludia for silent treatmemt

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Aren’t they still on vacation until the 11th though? I thought I saw that somewhere haha


Not useless to some of us… Don’t speak for everyone :joy:


That’s why I didn’t speak for everyone…

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