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Please carefully read this Ludia

I just going to speak my mind here and I don’t care if I get reported for abuse

Ludia is honestly one of the worst games companies out there. By this I mean the game developers are some of the most unfair people that aren’t willing to listen to the JWA players that are forced to endure the hardship they put on us. I just lost a game( and previously more) because the opponent kept getting repeated critical hits, when the animals critical chance was 5%?!?!, then my Indominus can’t even dodge anything properly, and it’s been a while since it dodged direct damage, and then there’s the freeze in the battles when an alert comes up, that just instantly defeats me.

Can this company stop pandering to Hackers and stop being so unfair. I bought this game as a Jurassic Park/World fan and I really liked the idea. However this company shouldn’t have made this game if they are mistreating us fans in this current manner

I know I’m not the only person who shares this view, and if you report me and take down my post, then you should get off this forum because we’re sick of being unfairly treated like this and you must be someone that reaps the rewards we can’t, and we were meant to, or you’re just exclusively sponsored by the developers at ludia, in which case I don’t welcome you at all



Since there is a post like this in every forum of every game companie can we assume that all games companies are one of the worst? And if they are all one of the worst does that mean that they are all one of the best too? :thinking: :thinking:


He said “i don’t care if i get reported” and then flags the first that disagree, ridiculous.
Also i can’t believe that Justin was flagged for this.

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I just felt that they don’t address the basic issues of the game, which is location based, and other aspects of the game.
So many glitches, hangs, freezing, even with the lightest push of the screen, will need to reload or refreshed, and we are talking about online battle.
But surely many will say, you can don’t play this game, so nothing to cry here, is day one all these happens, i don’t see is improving soon either.
So play with the least expectation and don’t pay anything for it as more issues will happen when the player base gets much bigger.

So you are blaming Ludia because you got outclassed by your opponent that had a good serie of hits due to RNG?
I think you are a sore loser.
If you dont like the game, dont play it.


I tried to read it carefully but my laughter distracted me.


Arena now is better balanced, any game will need some “surprises”.
Just hope that we will be able to play more varities then see the same in every match.
Also, friendly battles and alliances don’t seems to help the game more interesting, within days the hype is gone.
Who is actively donating DNA? or friendly battling daily?

im in an alliance that does this daily.


I do not have all the issues with the game freezing or getting locked up or not loading. Once every 12 or 20 times I start it it will stop on 1/23 or something. Many times it is just lag and takes 5 or 10 seconds to continue loading. If not, I close and restart, starts fine. I do not consider it a game stopper. It does not constantly happen to me, it generally loads very fast.

Pre 1.5 I did get the entering battle while my screen showed still counting down. I solved it by if my screen went more than 30 seconds waiting I would close and restart. I only remember a few times I actually lost a battle with it, not enough to make me trash my phone in rage. One area of my hunting grounds gets sporadic reception so I don’t plan on battling when in that area. I do a majority of my battles at home using WiFi. No problems with that.

Nothing ever pops up and locks my game up. I turned off all notices and to be honest, I am not the most popular guy so don’t have folks sending me junk every few seconds. They want to get a hold of me send an email I’ll see it when I get home. I got along fine for many, many years without even an answering machine, I’ll get along fine without being accessible 24/7. The latest LOL Kitty can wait until I get home to delete it.

I don’t notice opponents having multiple Crits in a row so that I lose every… single… game! I notice the opposite about “critical strike” it hardly ever seems to do a crit on me. I never paid attention to how many Crits I get for those 5% chances. I never count on them for a win, so when they happen it is a surprise.

I don’t notice my dino’s not dodging every… single… strike! I do notice that when opponents drop a dino in and cloak or evasive right off, I hit through it a lot. In my opinion, using that as a strategy is not the best idea. I don’t even build my strategy around stuns, I go for the damage and if they stun, great, extra turn for me.

The bugs in the game are definitely irritating. Battles freezing is incredibly frustrating and I’m still unsure why damage calculation vs. armoured dinosaurs is so problematic.

In regards to “my dinosaur can’t dodge but the opponent always dodges/gets crits”:
I never see anyone who makes these claims posting evidence of it repeatedly happening to them, match after match. Statistics can be surprising and bias towards believing a system is unfair accounts for a lot of these anecdotes. These types of complaints are usually unfounded and unhelpful.

I don’t know what this means, you don’t really offer anything to clarify this or give evidence for it.

Sorry, didn’t realize u owned this forum.

I do not experience the battle freezes, there is more time than I would prefer between hits and it takes a lot of time before I can choose an attack. If this is the ‘battle freeze’ folks refer to, then yes, it is annoying. I do not lose matches because of it though, it just takes more time than I would like.

The damage calculator is also very frustrating, especially if it is going to be close. It would definitely make my priority list of bugs to address. I err on the side of caution and overkill.

I do not deny that there are still issues with the game. These things I would love to see corrected. I just do not see what folks most commonly complain about, dodges and crits. To be fair, I do not rely heavily on Dodges or Crits in my playing, perhaps if I did I would notice if they were out of proportion or not.

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Hey man. I feel your frustration. But at the end of the day we are all in the same boat with regards to battles. All luck of the draw. I’ll go through battles and evasive stance and cloak work 100 % or close to it of the time. Next battle when I need it to it doesn’t work ay all. Just the way the cookie crumbles. No point getting your nighty in a knot over it.

Another way of looking at it: If dodges/Evasive and Crits are failing you all the time, perhaps it is time to come up with a different strategy that does not rely on them?

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In defense of roller coaster teams. You fly as high as you will dive low. I wouldn’t swap them for anything else. I wouldn’t spend months redesigning my team they just go up and down its not that complex or unexpected.

I’ve said this forever . If you’re relying on crits and dodges/cloaks then you’re always gonna be disappointed. I’ve got an indo and indom and I try my hardest not to use the dodge/cloak unless it makes tactical sense to use it. I’ve went a full match without dodging and decided I can hit the opponent and get killed rather than dodge and so far it’s served me well . So far


The only other gaming company I have personal experience with is Niantic… and compared to them, Ludia staff are saints. Not only do they own this forum, but I know they listen to the players (even if they don’t respond right away, they read every post), and your concerns will be considered. At least this is my perception and experience. Some of my suggestions (maybe not just mine) have been addressed and/or implemented.

Like I said, my gaming experience is limited but I can certainly compare two mobile AR game devs. I never got the impression that Niantic cared to communicate or address the concerns of the players. They are finally adding some new content after two years, and still don’t have some that they promised long ago (e.g., PVP). Ludia, on the other hand, has added a lot - including 3 major updates - in < 6 months. Some problems and bugs are to be expected, but I feel confident that they will be addressed.

I’m sure your post will be read by Ludia staff and not taken down. I think it’s good that you let them know your concerns and don’t just abandon the game.


Personally I have only experienced one issue with the game and none of the problems that people keep reporting. Ludia were very helpful in trying to resolve my issue and it was eventually determined to be an issue with my phone.

While I think they may listen to the vocal minority a little too much, I think they are a good company and they are trying to resolve the bugs. I can’t see the constant complaints are helpful.

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That’s fine if your problem is your team failing all the time rather than the opponent succeeding to dodge repeatedly. The number of matches I’ve had where over 8 hits against a dodging/cloaked dino fail - e.g. tragodis attack and counter each failing 3 times in a row and being killed on the turn the monominus dodge runs out so it can cloak again to face off against a new dino. I don’t have enough do now with nullify l guarantee I will have one in my team.
I am on the verge of quitting as I’m fed up how often 50% chances go against me ever time in a battle for several battles in a row.