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Please change eremoceros

I have been wanting to mention this ever since eremoceros came out most people come here to complain about losing but I am just really annoyed with this dino not only is it probably one of the easiest legendaries to get but almost no dino can kill it.

Part 1, Abilities. This is the first thing unlike eremotherium it has a shield and dig in so even if you have a dinosaur like rajasaur or concave it does nothing second thing it can just spam priority dodge and then do a cunning rampage so to get even better trex or acro are useless against it even if they get the shield they cant get dodge the only way to kill it is really with bleed ive tried almost all dinos and only way ive killed it is either having invincible dinos or bleed.

Part 2, stats. Eremoceros has 10% armor it may not seem like much but it really adds up when it has dodge shield and health regen. For some reason there are 0 pictures of eremoceros’s stats so I cant get them id have to do lots of digging but after all of this just please consider a nerf.

Yeah, this thing should have more attention.
Its so annoying, i already fought 2 yesterday and made me lose those even my team was higher lv and boost xD


Thanks glad im not only one its stats are just ridiculous

I was about to say a lot of dinos have bleed soaybe its not so bad but it has dig in so idk what dino really can kill it besides like alanqau because of long invincibility

Dio destroys it, i’ve tested that.
Thats something to look at if u want a counter if eremoceros gets more fame :laughing:


Diorajasaur? Just confirming thats what u ment


Yea dio, our boi dio


Lol k ill try that out idk if I have him yet but oh well

I gtg for now

Pterovexus too, but its more useless on the most part of the meta.

Just use any resilient Dino. No need for a nerf especially since it has the potential to make a great unique.


Yea, while yes for a legendary it’s top teir. It still has counters like dio, and tryko


It can be strong but resilient and especially dinos with nullifying and definite attacks can put it down. People here have mentioned Dio and I’d also like to suggest Spinonyx and Dilophoboa which are both legendaries that do good vs it.
If I were to give it any nerf it’d probably be removing the distraction and slowdown resist, lowering it’s speed or changing it’s Shielding decel strike to just Shielding Strike. Only one of these though.

It’s honestly in a weird position where it’s strong and easy to get but people don’t really use it.


Slothdeer is fine. It’s a beastly legendary but it does struggle with shields and armor a bit

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I also forgot to mention that Allosino will beat Eremoceros due to Eremos lack of Stun resistance and inability to pierce armour. It’s the easiest to get compared to Spinonyx and Dilophoboa and will beat eremo with the most health to spare.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that camouflage has no cooldown, you can expect this move any turn, and if you guess wrong you get really little damage in, while it could also shield to block resilient hits. Its not broken as it has weak offense but it is very very annoying to fight/kill.
I am fine with it being able to shield and distract but the fact that it can use any of the two moves all the time makes it a really annoying guessing game

Can we please stop with the nerf threads ?It’s getting really boring reading nerf this - nerf that all the time .

As stated above in other comments it has its counters all you have to do is make them :roll_eyes:

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I don’t think it is overpowered and deserves a nerf. I think it needs a tiny rework to remove the huge amount of guessing (which is also RNG) that’s involved with this creature. Other than definite/null moves there isn’t a way to counter it straight (even with these moves it can still distract you). I understand it has weak damage which makes it more balanced. I hate it but it certainly isn’t broken

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I have an update concept for Eremoceros that makes it more useful in raids.

(The counter attack and on Escape are just to make it’s kit similar to it’s parents.)

Eremoceros is one of my favorite creatures in the game and I think at least a few features from this concept (mainly the Group Dig In Taunt) would be a nice buff! :slightly_smiling_face:

This would make it super OP for it’s rarity