Please change local spawn or dinosaur migration


It would give us a new experience to encounter a new local dinosaur.
According to metahub and dinosaurs i saw,
my location is a boundary between local 2 and local 4 which is good.

But i have found these of dinos everyday since patch 1.3 was released (about 2 months ago).
It’s OK to move to local 1 or 3 whenever i want.
But sometimes, i just don’t want to go far away my home at night.

It would be great if Ludia shift local spawn or some dinosaur to a new place.


Agreed entirely
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It’s only 10 now.


They do migrate them… just not very often. It should be more frequent. It’s great when you have something good in your area. I’m on a business trip and this region has stegos at night… my home spawns are draco rex gen 2. I know we have to take the bad with the good, but during the dawn hours… seeing 7-9 gen 2 draco around me is not very exciting


I guess the point is like in every location based game you have to move to find new ones. They already twisted some spawns with 1.4

It could be however a good idea to reshuffle areas sometimes or rotate between the 4 every month or so


It’s good if spawn location is changed every month.

After patch 1.4 is updated.
I expect to see a big change in local spawn.

But as i saw, only Dracorex is shift from local 4 to local 2.
Spawn rate is also the same.

I’m trying to not be greedy, but just a little more change would be good.


Could they also look at nest spawns. I live near many shops. Including a hairdresser beauty salon marked on Google maps. But never see either rare Dilophosaurus or epic Monolophosaurus. Claimed by meta hub to spawn potentially at salons in 1.4

If nest spawns are broken in some areas maybe that’s why we get such a small selection of dino’s.


Thanks for the heads up
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Yeah, I don’t think they are right about that. We have like 6 beauty salons / hairdressers close to my office and I have never seen even one epic Monolophosaurus…


I’ve got over 20k of Galli dna. Seen only one Monolophosaurus in all time I’ve played 8 miles from home.

Reality is your local area is what it is. Some zone’s cover mostly dead areas of the map. If they don’t rotate or fix nest spawns or vary events game doesn’t work.


I don’t think that the dinosaurs appearing at specific locations is actually true because in all this time I’ve never seen any of them appear where they are supposed to. Maybe it’s something in the code that Ludia will activate one day?


Please rotate local zones on a monthly basis.
If possible, please swap some day and night dinos too.