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Please Change Strike Towers

Strike towers is one of my favorite stuffs in the game…
But nowadays I don’t like to fight strike tower because creature you face are same every time…

For Example- Compsognathus Gen 2
It was in Taunt Strike
Hit and Run Strike
Swap in Strike
No Escape Strike
And Now Speed strike
So Ludia add some more creatures in Strike Tower Fight…as it is too boring to face same creature every time …

Actually I like getting Compy (both, G1 and G2) as a reward.

Still I do not like them in the strike towers. But for different reasons.
Strike towers anyhow are not a challenge so I simply want to do them as quick as somehow possible to get the rewards.
Means I select a creature that simply can one shot all the enemies. And the dinos I have with group attacks sometimes are slower than some of the flocks. Resulting that the tower takes some seconds longer :slight_smile:


I also love Compy Gen 1 and Gen 2 rewards but facing them again and again is a bit boring…