PLEASE change the boosting system

Personally, I wish boost were removed so the game would be all about grinding and hunting that dna, then stratigically battling, but I understand the need to keep them, everyone needs a salary! Lol

However, as they’re here to stay, something needs to change in my opinion.

You charge 50% of the boost if we want to remove it and apply it to another dinosaur. That’s equivalent to $4,000 bucks per boost which is ridiculous!

My suggestions are either…

  1. Remove boosts
  2. Allow players to remove and apply boosts for free (players earned them)
  3. Every season do a boost reset, so for 1 month players can experiment with new dinosaurs.

It seems pointless when new dinosaurs get released because we can never use them efficiently in our squads unless we do friendlies, or hope ludia release a tournament which can cater them.


Where is the profit in that??!

It’s really not that bad.

I’m convinced nobody here has played an actual pay to win game before.

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Right, except that Ludia clearly said this was not a Pay to Win game - so there’s the disconnect.

Nah, the outcries surrounding boosts are vastly overdramatic. The boost system is very gentle, and the lack of powercreep in this game is fantastic.

The issue is with matchmaking, not boosts.

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We will have to agree to disagree, having played the arenas since boosts first came out. Not sure what level you are, but in Aviary and Library it is very dramatic.

I’m in low library myself. Running an “ignore the meta” team of mostly counterers, including a whopping level 17 carnotarkus with no boosts.

People are more likely to perceive flaws with boosts when they play the meta, which is like twelve whole dinos tops. When you play that way, yeah every boost is going to be a hell of a lot more noticeable.


Thanks for sharing @Mourning_Sun. I was at mid-library before dropping to try other dinos and teams. Interesting that you’re not running into issues. I was facing Pay To Win Thors with 141 speed at that level.

Diploventator and Dsungaia rip through Thors, the one I use mostly depending on speed as Diplo is my one turbo boosted dino currently. As far as boosts go Dsun is currently full up at 10/14/0 and is basically my “win” dino if I draw her. I have plans for Carnotarkus and Megolosuchus however. Dsun also shuts down indo G2s, which helps.

Mind you I haven’t spent a dime on boosts, just what the game freely gives.

Once in awhile I’ll run into some nonsense superboosted team with level 28’s and up, but again, matchmaking issue, not a boost one.

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So, I call it a boost issue because I run into 24’s that can beat a 28. You can call it matchmaking, but it’s the combo.

Like that you’re playing those dinos though!! Nicely done!


There is this new one out actually, its this dinosaur battling game where you inject boosts into them…just like REAL dinosaurs did =D

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I say this earnestly. If you genuinely find JWA to be pay to win then you are extremely sheltered when it comes to mobile games.

The nonexistent powercreep alone is something to be lauded. The relatively low hard cap on boosts is again, very friendly and non-predatory.

Hot Tip: If you have a year old dinosaur on your team that’s still meta-relevant, then your game isn’t P2W.

You know what would happen if boosts got removed or reworked to be basically worthless? Powercreep. Noticeable powercreep every update. And lord have mercy would this game be in such a beyond belief sorry state if that was going to happen.


The game doesn’t need power creep, Ludia just guts players current dinosaurs so they need to use new ones, its very profitable, makes players spend to improve new ones…then after a while when everyone has gotten those pretty maxxed out, then they can nerf them so they are removed from teams.

Totally not a predatory tactic btw (trying so hard to keep a straight face when typing that lol)

Interesting. What are some examples of this happening enough to indicate a trend or pattern?


To name the obvious ones, see they needed to get rid of Rat because it was at the top long enough that most had it maxxed out, and so it was replaced with the new IncomeRaptor (Indo2).

This is how they make “Mascot” dinosaurs as some of us call them -

  1. Make a dinosaur that is OP, as like with rats Swap in DSR (which it launched with), and like with Caution Strike on the IncomeRaptor. Why? Ahh im glad you asked mate, you see if they design a dinosaur thats clearly too strong, it ensures everyone will add it to their team and boost and level the heck out of it.
    (They even ADDED stuff to CS when players were screaming for it to be balanced! Once again, you don’t nerf the mascots)
  2. Give away JUST enough of its DNA that everyone can unlock it, but not level it, this is where the incubators with its face plastered all over it come into it later. (They gave away rats DNA for 6 months in alliance rewards, and gave Blue away for a month and incubators, and also ProceRat has been given away in so many events its not even funny, clearly they WANT to push certain dinosaurs onto players.
  3. Immune to nerfs - Notice how all these “Mascot” dinosaurs they are pushing on everyone seem to never get nerfed? i wonder why. Though once about 6 months have passed thats enough time for coin and boost and incubator sales to dry up for those dinosaurs, they can then be safely nerfed “for balance”

And if you don’t think they would plan something like this, may I remind you this is the slot machine company ludia, and they create every aspect of the game, its really not a stretch to imagine them setting out to create specific dinosaurs to spend on.

So it happened… twice?

Woof. Brush up on statistics and get back to me on this later man.

Also you’re neglecting to point out that, especially with Dracoceratops, the community was demanding nerfs to it extremely loudly. So they either leave it alone and get complaints, or nerf it and get complaints. Bit unfair don’t you think?

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Currently there is no profit.from.boosts. Those who have bought boosts would have bought all they need. They might as well sell trainer bundles and scents. Sell 10 Titanoboa exclusive incubators. That will drive huge sales.

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Nothing wrong with nerfing someth9ing that needs it, but players were asking for balance for ages, seems a bit suspicious it would happen EXACTLY when they have its replacement to drive sales, the raptor…

But no way, this slot machine gambling company would never do something so profitable xD

If I could use Mr. DNA’s yawn emote on the forums it would be right here.

Also shows they dun plan well. The true mascots are 3 uniques that few talk about. Grypholyth, Geminititan and Ardentistmaxima. 2 of 3 will kill IndoR G2. The last paired with a bleeder can kill any non-immune dino.