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Please change this event ludia

I’m fine with doing most of the events, even the repeated unlocks we get have a bit of variety to the battles, but this event I just cant stand and it’s more of an effort to actually start the event rather than complete it.

Maybe a suggestion could be a new rarity event where for example we face rare opponents and have to use commons, super rare opponents we have to use rares that would be quite fun as we would have to take class advantage in to play to win.

This is more like test your luck rather than test your strength.

It just bores me to tears really, does anyone else agree?


The event is ok but today I got, once again, 100 incredible DNA after five fights.:angry:


Me too they should make 500 the minimum i mean i understand that its super easy but wth man? Come on ludia

i think could add an aquatic event and keep testing your strength with just 3 fights…

I’m fine with the current model. In fact, I’m still having nightmares from the week they tried something new with the event about a year-and-a-half ago

Edit: @Sionsith remembers


I landed on the pack today so I was rewarded with 4000 DNA. I’m fine with it. :wink:

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Wow… I remember the no ko battles being hard but not this hard, I’m glad I missed out on those ones.

I just would enjoy a bit of variety from time to time is all I’m saying, like bring back the stampede events they were fun.

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