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Please change timing for Moment of Glory events!

The Moment of Glory events currently occur at a terrible time for many North American players—right during the middle of the workday. This is very disappointing. Of course they’re also in the middle of the night for other regions, etc. Ludía, it’s way past time for you to implement a more flexible system for Moments of Glory. Allow each player to determine when, within a 24-hour window of opportunity, they want to start the Moment of Glory, and start the 2-hour countdown for that individual player at that particular time. I predict you’d get a lot more participation, and happier players. Well, one at least.

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As these events are always held in low reward challenge rooms, I have simply ignored them. I was unaware this issue still existed. Over a year ago there was strong consensus that a start button was needed for MoG events. I thought this was fixed in an update many months ago. I recall seeing something in previous update notes.

After reading @Prof_Chris’s post, I paid attention, and was surprised to realize this has not been fixed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Keith, as this issue is unfavorable to newer players, which WoW is having difficulty retaining, i suggest this issue should be forwarded to the development team. A year seems far too long to leave this completely unnecessary issue lingering. Also remind them to view the issue from the perspective of players, many of which are busy (many at school or work) when the mechanic starts the timer on this event.

Very much a fair point. For me the MoG starts at 9pm, which is ideal, but it’s hands down the best event for f2p players, so should be available to all at a realistic time.

Its been mentioned many times. Ludia will never fix it

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Bad for NA players? For me it starts 23:00, which means I participate maybe 1/10 events :laughing:

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On a more serious note, it’s ridiculous to have a time based event in a global game, hardly an even playground…

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Purposely so. With the current track of offering with one hand and taking with the other, it is super unlikely they will change this. The event is offered. Either participate or don’t. I don’t, as for me it also starts at 23:00 on a work night.

If you don’t have the app open it will be avail later, but I also don’t bother playing them anymore.

It should start the second you “activate it”, but can only be activated within a 24 hour period after it’s offered. (ie: Starts at 0600, and goes til the next day at 0559)

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The way Ludia makes updates based on community feedback, they’ll implement this, but will end up putting a gear/run max on it like spellbooks.

Here we go again. About 20 minutes ago I opened WoW and without any notification the game started counting down the timer on Nayeli’s Moment of Glory. After playing some other content I happened to notice the red dot on the events icon — so now I have 1hr 38m instead of 2hr for this MoG — assuming I want to divert time from my workday to do it.

Come on, Ludía. You have to do better.


No harm done, it was a Frostsilver Mines run - in other words virtually rewardless unless you rolled many 20’s in a row.

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