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Please just make this easier I’m just trying to play the game and I cant

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This is a level based event. The game algorithm says that at this level, you should have better creatures


I’m pretty confident that’s possible, as events are determined by your top creatures.


Not this event its level based unfortunately as andy says, meaning it’s hard for newer players if they havent got the creatures yet but for players like me it becomes a bit of a bore…


Dang, thats a little depressing. I like hard events


OP if you use tapejara first, ptera second and rampho 3rd this match should be doable, try to build reserve with your first take out creatures with ptera and bait and switch with rampho


I just sold all my weak stuff to upgrade Indominus level 20 this was after that

Thanks I’ll try that

Ah I would not sell creatures, specially not to make an overpriced carnivore that your current park and ferocity level cant handle

Alot of the events will work off of ferocity of your top 3 dinos so a level 20 indominus may hurt your progress with some of the battles you will get


I only sold aquatics I had max of

Ah right ok then, thought you meant you sold off your jurassics


That would be dumb


Oh no, I think you answered yourself here. I am lvl 85, have a pretty decent jurassic line up with all kinds, over 15k Velo S DNA sitting upper left but haven’t got it yet. You decide. Indoraptor is a milestone for the upper lvl players, once you reach that limit then it is time to break that barrier. Otherwise, as they all say, once you go Indoraptor, you never go back. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Unless you sell them. Even Fury got it recently, and still trying to raise some friends to her to prevent her from feeling lonely. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Isn’t it @Jurassic_Fury, tell him. :grin: Btw I just gave this example to point out a bigger mistake can be done in the future, which would be even more catastrophic than you have with the lvl 20 Indominus here. I had a single one and her lvl is 19! Not even 20, to keep things in order you see? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am almost at your level (61) and my strongest pteras are 2 level ten Pterodactylus, then lvl 30 scaphognathus, and then lvl.30 super rarea and lvl 20 legendaries. If you have a deepen lineup you can pass through events easier way.

Let me see your line up (all dinos)

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exactly as i thought … unbalanced …
you need creatures with the same ferocity.

to calculate ferocity is HP + damage x 3.2= ferocity…

Ex: indominus 1470 + 561 x 3.2 = 3265,2 F


Ok so better amphibious air and herbs

Make sure to calculate the attack first

Health + (attack x 3.2) = ferocity

@Raptor9997 You really need better everything just keep adding depth to your lineup so you have a lot of creatures that can support your top 3 creatures


Ok that is doable I have 2 sarco from tournament incubating