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That’s not the top of my lineup lol. You don’t want to look up there, the gaps get a bit bigger and the class imbalance in particular shows. But yeah, I’m paranoid about balanced lineups so when I see a lineup like that I die inside


You two have Derailed this thread…

Back on for the OP…

@Raptor9997 there are numerous threads on the forum that go into depth on balancing your lineup, and a lot of good suggestions up above.

The good news is your park is young and it’s not to out of wack for the level just need to fill in some holes and deepen the bench before continuing to progress your creature strength.


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Used them to make hybrids

Thanks to people who left suggestions best community of any game I played


Let me make some suggestions here.

  1. Hybrids at level 10 are usually weaker than their stronger component at level 40. If you’re making a hybrid you’d better have the resources to get that thing to 20 or else you just weakened your lineup. Not to mention hybrids are usually higher cooldown too. See, I have T-Rex unlocked and a Velociraptor level 40 ready to go, but you aren’t going to see me make Indominus Rex for months. Why? First of all, T-Rex 40 is stronger. Second of all, I don’t need more carnivores. Third, Indominus Rex at level 10 is 7 hours cooldown, which is the highest cooldown of anything I own.
  2. What are you using your Loyalty Points on? Please tell me it’s on the 10k Solid Gold packs, because if you’re not then you’re wasting resources. The creatures in that pack are over 2600 ferocity at level 10 with low cooldown, easily the best dinos you’ll find anywhere at this stage in the game. Spam those packs.
  3. Class balance is very important as you may have found out. Having a balanced lineup means absolutely nothing if your top 10 dinos are all carnivores. Focus on getting all your classes equally strong.
  4. Take what the game gives you and don’t force it. I decided to force Diplotator early on, and the game then threw a bunch of amphibians at me and I was very sad. Save your resources and just let the game dictate what you’re going to make.

Loyalty points are for gold packs or buck trades Hammond statues are get bucks and points

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Yep all LP to bucks trades I take, its usually a good amount of bucks for an amount of LP I can make back in 5 mins so no brainer

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Every tournament I use this to get as many cups in dominator as possible

Hammond to win activate

Once you get to the level replace hammonds with apatosaur fossils

I could but Hammond is cheaper

Just got apatosaurus fossil Olin going for LP trying to get solid gold not Arctic or aquatic

Yes but wont get you as much bucks, apato ranges from 300 to 500 bucks in TH