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Please delete I have created a topic in the proper section. Suggest Feature.

See here Trade Resources Fish for Gold


Perhaps you should say how on Earth could you physically have an overflow of Gold? Without donating, of course.

Because if there technically is a way to farm one thing over the other - then this thread would resolve itself.

I came here to post\complain about the current design that, while it’s very much copy\pasted from another game, it’s somehow backwards.

I have hit my approximate power wall somewhere in the 2nd part of the Tundra(~2000PR), so my only progress is farming. I wasted like… 10k gold hatching random dragons, thinking that gold is “fine”, but it’s not fine. I barely get enough gold to upgrade my buildings and the rate at which I get XP by just doing random stuff - means that I’d sooner level up and have to upgrade something, rather than get to actually hatch anything.

With no drafts from repeatable quests, with mission progression being power-walled(which is totally fine), I can only get dragons from the free 3* drafts that happen like twice a day or something. And most of the time I get fodder, and if I get 2\3* - I don’t even know whether I should keep it for breeding or not, but for the last 10 missions or so I just sat dead at the cap of Fish and Scales, because I can’t hatch anything, I can’t feed anything, and there is no point to do these Gold\XP\Fish repeatable quests, because the 5EN Tundra quests give it ALL in bigger quantities, and the 3EN quests can only be done twice, as the third quest is 3000PR that I think only severe donators have at this point.

The easy way to solve it, unless it breaks monetization - is to swap gold for fish for hatching. Because that’s how the original game works - “meat” is used, not metal, while metal is used to upgrade the base, which is reasonable. Here, for whatever reason, gold is used for everything, and fish is ONLY used for feeding as a resource sink. But what is there to sink, when you ONLY use fish for feeding? I’m currently ignoring the caps and just trying to hit 16 and have enough gold to build that breeding facility or something, because “hopefully” that would be another way to spend Fish or to get dragons.

Because, like I said, I can’t get dragons, I can’t progress, and there is a huge gap between like levels 5 and 16. Not to mention the hatchery upgrades - I actually have to pay scales(pay MORE) to get basically the SAME dragons, just of the required color? Again, at least in the original - the time\cost was reducing with the rather pointless upgrades of the hatchery, and here I hoped that I would either have to pay maybe with scales INSTEAD of gold, or with FISH instead of Gold - but no. 10k gold sunk into this pointless upgrade, when I could at least have had some dragons instead.

I realize that this is a very early game, that changes could be made, but if this is how the game was tested and designed to be progressed, if this is the P2W wall, beyond which you are supposed to donate to get gold or otherwise get by… Then happened really, like REALLY early on. Perhaps I should just switch to playing Lords Mobile that they seem to advertise SO much in the rune offers, because I’d get more effort from my time spent grinding there than in this game?

I’ve had the game since early release. Have not spent a single dollar of real money on it and Yes I have an overload of gold and not enough fish. Evertime I have eggs I hatch them, then when playing the rounds win gold and fish, but too much gold. Simple as that.

And this is called a SUGGESTION hence why I made the thread, to suggest adding in this feature.

This is NOT a thread for you to post your opinion on the game copying design. If you came here to post your complaint on the design copying then Stop right now and create your own thread.

You completely missed the point of my comment.
If you have Too Much Fish we should have the option to trade it In for Gold or XP.

In my case My gold is currently FULL any gold I win just disappears because I have Zero space for it. I however need fish to continue upgrading my dragons, which I don’t have enough of to feed them.

So in my case I would need all that extra gold I win (and am losing because of No Space) to be transfered into Fish.

You don’t need to complain about the design of the game on my thread as this is for a SUGGESTED Feature, Not a complaint as you have made it to be.

Myself and others I have spoken to have agreed that this option to trade recources is actually a very good idea and I’m sorry you don’t see that.

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Were you just triggered by the word “complaint”? Or did you not see the similarity between “capped gold plz fix” and “capped fish plz fix” type of problems? But sheesh, alright, I’ll double post if your thread is so precious.

But, for what it’s worth, thanks for pointing out that this game apparently had some pre-alpha-beta elsewhere and that this Android launch 2 days ago without 50% of the content is actually not the worst point in its timeline. I don’t know if you progressed the other way and so my problems didn’t ring a bell, but I take it that at some much later point - the situation is reversed and you get more gold. Good to know. At least now I have something to look forward to - changing one capped resource for another.

No it was the fact that you’re complaining about the Design of the game copying another game, that is irrelevant. Complaint was not what "Triggered " me if you must use that phrase. Nothing “triggured” me. My thread simply has nothing to do with the Design of the game copying another’s. This thread is is a suggested feature, so complaining here about the design copying another is not related to suggest feature.

It was released early to Canadians and Australians for both Apple and Android, back in November or December. So yes I’ve had this game on both devices for sometime now -in fact I’m on the Beta team for Android.

Once again you miss my point.

The more you hatch eggs, the more dragons you will have and leveling up the dragons uses a lot of fish. Hence why I have low fish.

So yeah if you play the repeatable quests loose one recourses that you’re overfilled with. (In your case you’d be losing all that extra fish you win. in my case i’m losing all that extra gold)

UNLESS they add the feature that the extra of a resource we win can be converted or traded in for something we Do need.

I think a good feature would be a trade in option.

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I have created a topic in the proper section. If at all possible please close this one.