Please consider including new DNA for weekly tournament rewards

Clash royal did this a lot. Introduce a new card, let tournament winners get some of it.

For example this tournament that’s going on now, it would be cool if some bracket (top 100? Top 500?) Got some epic titanaboa DNA included in their prize.

Then we could get folks creating these things and at least putting them in sanctuaries.

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anything that makes it a bit easier to get exclusive dna.
why say it’s in the game when you haven’t released it to anyone yet?
stuff like that kills any kind of hype about the thing.


Hence why participation in tournaments is very lackluster because of a slim to none promise that you will even advance to higher levels. To me, the tournaments are mediocre at best. I guarantee that if Epic Titanoboa was the main prize, there would be an influx of participants. I think Ludia missed their chance once again to actually breathe life into it.

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