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Please consider this to keep us playing!

Since the launch of this game there are still plenty of us still playing. We hit player level 20 so long ago, and have dinos sitting at max level in reserve. So why not do something to liven things up?

My first suggestion is to increase the pool of dinos in pvp from 8 to 12. This will add variety to matchmaking and give us a chance to experiment and build different dinos up. I’m pretty sure it would add something to the lower players enjoyment too. After all there must be twice as many dinos in the game now compared to launch.

My second idea is to raise the player level to 30 with rewards accordingly increasing as they level up. The cap at 20 is just daft, and since PoGo raised theirs it added so much to the experience for them, so why not us?


About new max level: they should make the same with creatures max level (from 30 to 40 or even 50)


Why the people compare JWA with PoGo Why ?

Well I can see now

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Creatures above level 30? Do you want to see a Mortem with +15,000 life points and +5,000 damage? Not to mention high speed. I believe that would make the arena even more chaotic.


I agree about increasing the players’ limit level. Increasing the number of creatures on the team would make it difficult if you wanted to play with one of the creatures.

On the other hand, I would love to have more creatures on my team. Have Diplot again in my team it would be a dream.


It would make the chance of a particular creature lower, but that’s the point. Your opponent would also be less likely to draw their favourite too.
So facing the same team time after time would be less likely.


I absolutely agree with raising the max player level to 30, I too have been at 20 for well over 2 years. I also think dino levels should be raised to at least 35 if not 40. I already hate the arena and maybe that would help fix it along with a few more arenas above Shores.

no, they would need to reavulate the entire thing. only when most players or a lot are leaving the game due to boredness and they would need to reavulate the gold and dna required to level up to level 30

I dislike both ideas. The whole game with all its math is designed around the limit of level 20. So many things would have to be completely rewritten and revised from scratch when you change that, so that all previous progress would make no sense anymore. It’s extremely complicated and nearly impossible.




If that’s the case then how did PoGo simply raise the player level from 40 to 50?

Noted your suggestions, Schtemty. Thank you!


You might as well ask me how quantum physics works.

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Maybe the benefit for players getting over 20th level is an extra slot on teams. 21 to 25 would give a 9 dino team, while 26 to 30 would make it 10 dinos. You’ll still only get a 4 dino team on battles would increase the available pool.

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I wouldn’t mind also seeing an expanded campaign with various challenges and new rewards for each level beyond 20.

Some kind of Challenge-Adventure mode restricted to rarity that resets on a weekly or monthly basis could also provide a breather from PvP ii f the tournament is played out or from arena if our incubator slots are full.

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If I was even in the slightest bit interested in how quantum physics works then perhaps I would ask you, but since I’m not I won’t.

PoGo had a level cap of 40 and they raised it to 50 so your previous reply didn’t seem to make sense.

Perhaps you could explain in simple terms how they managed to do this, with the emphasis on the simple bit as I’m not very computer literate as you very well know from your most recent response.

Raising the player level to 30 makes sense as long as there isn’t a dramatic change to rewards, it’s simply cosmetic and gives people something but you would likely have to count previously acquired exp which means you would likely see players hit 30 instantly, still I like the idea. I would be against Raising dino levels for a long list of reasons but for now we will just stick with boost caps and move on. The idea of a 12 dino pool has been out there for a long time and it would be a huge gain for us and the game. It would make getting your overboosted this or that way less likely and force a lot more thought into your team composition, it would spread boosts out and drastically increase variety as well as experimentation.


I know less about Pokemons than you do about computers so I am incapable of making a comparison between raising the level cap between the two games. I mean, asking me to give you an answer about Pokemon is gonna give you the same amount of information that I can give you about quantum physics.

But let me give you some simple examples: The current exponential system of levels has many other properties. For one, the DNA required per level goes up, not linear, but with an increasingly high amount.
From level 29 to 30 for a common it’s 75.000 DNA. From 39 to 40 this would be somewhere near 750.000 DNA, which is more than you can hold, or practically farm in a year. Plus the accumulation of everything before that. No one wants to do this. Which means that raising the level cap requires for DNA requirements per level to be revised completely and this makes the whole leveling system either too easy or too hard. The DNA per dart will only be 40, so only 33% more per session. Basically the max on a common goes from 360 to 480. Not really an increase that allows for a tenfold investment.

And not to mention the cost. Right now from 29 to 30 is 250.000 coins. That’s gonna be a total of over 10 million coins to get one dino from 30 to 40.

And this is only about leveling up. The battle damage stats are also all calculated and based on the maximum of 30, which makes for a really really complicated recalculation of everything in the game. All boss fights, all pvp stats and everything need to change completely, not leaving anything intact from what the game is now.

You are literally asking for a new game.

So unless Pokemon Go has the same exponential level up, darting, battling, DNA and other systems in place, you cannot compare the games.

Pogo doesn’t have pvp and leveling up there does not dramatically impact your gameplay and creature strength pogo is also imo the worse game of the two

i’d say leave the dino max at 30 then (unless ludia is already thinking about changing that part)

but player level increases would be nice. They could even add some cool perks for reaching lv 30 or higher. Like being able to place and interact with non-hybrid legendaries in the sancs. +5 dna at max level. longer drone battery. extra team slots.