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Please consider this to keep us playing!

@Qiew not everybody wants extra team slots lol that just means lower chance of drawing your cera or your hadros

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Player level goes up without dino level? That makes little sense.

it was just a thought. I personally wouldn’t mind extra team slots. i have more creatures i want to use, but i have to choose only 8. if i could use up to 12 i’d have less of my favorites sitting on the bench. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps you misunderstood me, I didn’t mention increasing the level of dinosaurs. Just the player level. So currently we stop at 20, why not increase that to 30?

We could have a series of challenges to get to the next level, not have it based on xp. This would eliminate players automatically hitting it upon its arrival.

How about the increase from 8 to 12 in the pvp team… any mileage in that?

Agree with increasing player lvl. Its nonsense that so many xp is wasted, cause its easy to hit lvl 20.

Currently not for increasing creature lvls, as it was suggested in replies. It’s more than a million coins to max one creature. With additional lvls won’t gain anything except some costly cosmetic changes. First of all boost system would need to be completely reworked. Second, there would be to big gap between creatures in lvls. Imagine lvl 32 or 33 Thor in Aviary and Library.

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A series of challenges, like achievements? :wink:
12 dinos could work but would take some getting used to. Not sure if it’s more fun in the long run but we can only find out by giving it a shot.
I don’t want to boost 4 more dinos though, I’d be very far behind compared to my money spending competition.

12 dinos would mean being forced to think out the team as you’d be less likely to draw your crutches. I think it’s a great way forward as it also increases team variety by necessity

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Yes…raise dino levels…thats what i want. Your opponent will do that too. Much better idea than boosts was.

I and many others barely even have the resources to build a team of 8. 12 dino teams will be the death of free to play’s motivation.

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I like the player level being raised, but would it be retroactive like PoGo did? If so, we would all be at 30 or whatever they raise it to

The whole point is to encourage long term players, but at the same time it could do away with the same old teams in every arena. So whether you are ftp or ptw it wouldn’t make any difference since your opponent is in the same boat as you are.

FTP will invariably look at this idea and say I can barely come up with a team of 8 as things are, but in 3 months time or six months from now, you will see what I’m saying. If you have boosted dinos like Suchotator, Rixis, Alloraptor, etc… you can still have them in your 12 rather than setting them to the side or losing 50% of your boosts as you get better more relevant dinos.


You’re still playing unboosted??? Because only thing I can think is: Hardcore FTP are basically just starting to get enough boosts for a team of 8 and I think that’s still a lot of players. So going to 12 slots would dilute their boost pool while whales would have no problems boosting all their 12 dinos right away. Sure enough, tough months ahead for many of us if this is happening…

PoGo created a whole host of requirements to reach the next level. It wasn’t a case of having already having the xp.

I get that we have achievements now but I would be looking at ideas like winning so many pvp battles, having so many 30’s and so on, then you move to level 21 and perhaps the reward for that may be access to a new campaign arena with better incubator rewards.

What I wouldn’t be doing is to ask players to dart an epic with 10 direct hits on one drone, or hit 5000 direct hits on a raptor!


I see what you are saying @real_gambler but it wouldn’t be long before it balanced itself out would it?

If the ptw put boosts across the 12 Ludia are quids in, and they would soon move up the ladder. The ftp will maybe move back a bit but will soon find they are playing similar level players.

The biggest problem is how do most players would feel about suddenly only slightly boosting all their dinos… All their favorites would hit less hard, or have less health, or have less speed? Maybe a solution would be to simply have the option to be able to select 8 slots to 12 slots ourselves in the setting? So if whales want to use 12 slots with fully boosted dinos, then be it, but FTP could then rather slowly increase the number of slots as they get more boosts? Basically an incentive, and a big decision to go from 8 to 9 slots, and so on?

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I don’t like the idea of having to throw away another million coins that could be spent on raid dinos or my tourney team to not fall in sorna marshes or something and spread my very few boosts even more thinly it’s hard enough to have a strong 8 much less 12 and if you think arena unbalance was bad before this is a whole new level now the players with level 30 thor’s and metrodons are gonna drop even lower 70% of the matches so u will start seeing them in lockdown

Nah. i boosted lux a bit ago. It’s really only a fail safe for those lv 27+ creatures. Magnus will be next and i’ll have that one this week. still deciding on boosts for it.

i guess it really isn’t that much of an issue for me to have a selection of 12 since i tend to keep a very close level convention between my arena team and some of my bench. very casual play so how many boosts i currently have doesn’t bother me much if i have to spread them around a bit more.

I’m not sold on the 12 Dino’s because often we don’t have 12 meta Dino’s to choose from and Ludia just loves to make an op Dino with only 1-2 counters. I just think of 12 Dino teams and going back to like 2.0 and trying to beat a team that pulled max and you didn’t pull tryko and thyla. It might not be so bad right now but who’s to say balance goes out of whack next time Ludia actually balances. Balances a meta for a team of 12 is whole different beast… apex would likely need nerfs across the board to make up for the fact your not likely to pull a counter. Otherwise the game just becomes a who gets the most apex’s at match start and you can skip the battle. I don’t know that Ludia could balance a meta to make 12 Dino teams work without their being a a serious power difference between a teams top 4 and bottom 4.

As far as players level cap this is something that needs to be looked at but it’s own seperate system beyond normal levels unlocking perks. First thing that immediately comes to mind is a remort system… it’s something cod games borrowed from Muds… but in a nutshell you start back from level 1 but with some new perks to make the leveling process slightly easier. These perks could be a % bonus to coin gains… maybe a % bonus to dna received. Maybe even an extra boost or two per incubator or an extra 5 per boost strike.

Of course these perks would have to be balanced around worth the effort and not to strong. And their is a risk reward to this system Ludia could play around with. Do you remort on Tuesday and hope you can get high leveled for the weekend epics. Do you remort on the weekend right after getting the epics and take a hit to your alliance rewards.

Honestly, are you nipping at the whales heels now? Making it 12 improves everyone’s experience while Adding revenue for lidia because 4 more dinos to boost and opening up the flood gates for diversity.

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Good for you if it does improve your experience! Me, I still have to finish boosting my team, then likely boosting a few dinos for tournaments and raids, and then, maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be like you and also like my “new” improved experience and see some light at the end of the tunnel… I’m not nipping at the whales, we absolutely need them. But sometime it’s nice when the finish line stay in the same place for a while instead of always running away from you. I’m just saying that as long as players can see the finish line, even if it’s hard to reach it, they will stay in the race. If you push it farther and farther, I suspect many will loose interest.