Please consider updating Gobber's Duties

I can’t complete the following:
Collect Wood
Collect Fish

I have a full time job and I just can’t check my phone every 1.5 hours.

I am at max capacity of 250m (currently updating to 500m max). I can barely make 50m of the resources and now it’s asking me for 150m. Idk how much it’ll ask once my max is 500m. This is just too much for me to complete.

One attempt is 15m wood. I can barely make 5m. This is too much.

I miss the old system when you don’t need all the tasks completed before getting the pack. It’s very frustrating.

I cancelled my premium subscription because of this.

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Maybe we shouldn’t even try to win defend so that it would stay at that level and wouldn’t cost more and more wood as we progress.
Presently my maximum capacity is 750m and well I can just collect all dragons one time a day to complete the collect wood and fish duty. Maybe it’s because I have been lucky enough to get those excellent resource gatherers.
Old system is not any better for me. There wasn’t much in the old gobber’s pack, and most of the time there’s one of those impossible tasks so I could hardly get the pack. Now at least it’s certain how much work need to be done to get the daily pack. Some duties are unreasonable like sending toothless in exploration everyday (I need to send toothless in journeys and one journey would take me two days) and maybe some are too hard for the majority but I think they would gradually adjust them to make them all reasonable for most players.

I’m totally with you about having a full time job where it would not be professional or even appropriate for me to be checking my phone during the day. I know I would appreciate it if the game were optimized to better support people in that situation. I think it could easily be done by adjusting the timelines for certain things and goals without negatively impacting all other users, but maybe that is just my opinion.

Something that may help you immediately (or likely at least sooner than a game update will arrive to help with that) is to recruit and train dragons that are optimized to meet your needs. I use the following website to guide me in that regard: I hope it is helpful for you.


I very rarely actually “win” a Defend Berk. Usually, I “retreat” during the “Scout now” phase. (Try it; you may be pleasantly surprised at how this strategy affects how much you have to spend on this task!)

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Hey there dracarys,

Thanks for outlining what it is about these Duties that make it hard for you to complete. Gobber’s Duties are supposed to be reasonably challenging, thanks to robocat, Wodensfang, and Ty for chiming in with some ideas as to how to complete some of the tougher Duties.
Also, the Rise of Berk Wiki is fan run and a great tool to use, so thanks for sharing that! (not sure if all the stats are up to date, there may be slight discrepancies but overall it is usually accurate) As I’ve told many players this is a feature that our team is trying to perfect so we appreciate all the feedback we get!

Challenging but should still be doable. Idk if I rushed my upgrades too fast but there’s no way to get 300m fish and wood with just a bunch of level 75 dragons.

It’s discouraging and makes me want to play less. I’ll stop buying/subscribing until this is resolved.

dracarys, hopefully they are truly working on fixes for dailies. It’s really just some coding to look at what you have vs what dailies they give you. But they want you to buy buy buy! I really hate micro-transaction games for this reason - Pay 2 Win (P2W) model sucks. Just wanted to say even if you spend $1,000 a month on this game, there’s always hundreds of “whales” that spend tens of thousands a month and losing your $1,000 isn’t disconcerning to them because “their numbers, purchases, and models show no issues”. I play Star Trek Timelines and it’s been that way since day 1 (4 years ago). I was even part of a “team” of 10 that spoke community concerns directly with the devs and staff, and it all basically went in one ear and out the other.

I also play Rocket League, and while there are lots of micro-transactions for “stuff” to customize your car, there is NOTHING you can buy to make you better than anyone else. Only time, practice and experience playing the game will help make you better. I appreciate games like that and it makes the competitive aspect more fun.


Maybe it would help, if you change the system of Gobber`s duties.
I’d like to suggest that we get “normal” duties, including the easy ones (like train 3 dragons or the brawl quest) and additional the “bonus” quest with a bonus reward, including the amberquest or the journey.
It’d be really nice, if it would be able to let the community vote about which challenges should become normal and bonus…

Hi there. I actually have nothing to complain about except that for last 3 weeks my weekly gobber’s duties were hard nut to crack. The issue is that one of the subjects is to get 20 keys for defending Berk. You may ask what’s the problem and the thing is that the subject with collecting 20 keys did not change with the passage of this past 3 weeks and even now it remains and gives a lot of trouble.

I hope support team can do something about this cause I guess its a bug, the minor one but anyway it should be solved cause it causes lots of troubles. Thanks.