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Please consider

These are my requests for the additions to the game- I just recently started! Pandemic stress has been real & this game helps me tons.

Season 5 episode 11 of race to the edge chicken is camoflauged with toughnut when he acts like the changewing killed him. Maybe you could add that chicken and maybe call him afterlife chicken

Also-it has everyone else’s babies & spouses except chicken. Having joined the fan group for this game I know I am not the only one who loves the chickens in the game even tho they are technically not dragons. Please consider adding chickens spouse & atleast her one baby toughnut names - chicklet.

A random other idea- I adore the fact that you have added dragon and dronkeys from shrek- maybe you could make it a feature & achievement that when you unlock dragon donkey could walk around like the sheep/chicken do. Just like you get an achievement for tipping sheep maybe you could get one for finding donkey.

My husband and I both play and we would appreciate a way to see what level your dragons you have on berk are without having to click each individual dragon.

We would also appreciate a way that someone could gift you runes/ packs/ dragons etc. from one player to another. (Doesn’t even have to be ones you won from the game but ones you can purchase from your offers and send to another player) It could entice people into getting others to play without having to have a totally interactive option like battling with a friend.

Even further it would be beneficial for children to ask their parents for “gift codes” you could order online & the player could enter into the app and it would load money to the game for holidays/rewards.

Also- as a dragon rider, I would appreciate more affordable offers to purchase dragons. My husband who is not a dragon rider gets offers for 1.99 dragons and The cheapest I have gotten is 30.00. I’ve already paid into the game and while I understand they are considered premium offers it would be nice to still get original more affordable offers as well.||||


Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, Wmarshall54.