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Please correct me if I'm wrong


If I remember rightly you can’t get arena exclusives from epic incubators. If that’s right please explain this


You can get anything from epics.


yeah you can definately get alanqa and lots of it :expressionless:


And Pachy and Stiggy…:persevere:


I’ve got hopes for a pachy or maiasaura hybrid down the road… obviously with nothing to back up this claim. But they’ve got a potential to be great ingredient dinos for some awesome legendaries and uniques


I need something to hybrid with my diplotator, maybe concavenator or spinosaurus gen 2? I’m more interested in how it would look :joy:



Decel impact
Instant RAR
Swap in instant win if opponent has a rat on the team. Okay, fine. Swap in acute stun (since both parents have stun)


Spino g2 is getting a hybrid with bary g2

Called spinonyx