Please create a special scent for para lux

So… Its all most mounths or so since para lux was intreduced and at begining i was exited about this idea. Now i think it was huge mistake. A) Right now in most of countrys are still harsh rules on going outside in pandemic time. B) Para Lux seems to appear more for thouse who are driving cars but what about thouse who do not have transport? You know situation what is going on right now and not in all countrys people can simply get in buses and drive where they like. C) There was a problem with Night spawns earllyer now it has been made any time spawn but here is the thing… since then at day, dawn or night i didnt saw a single spawn of Para lux any where. I spended some days fully to even see one… result… going for like 10km or more i didnt saw a single one. All what i saw was 1 para lux on 2nd day after it got released. Idk maybe its more higher chance to get it in some countrys or maybe they more spawn at citys i have no idea but all i can say through all this time since its released i have been searching for it and got only 1 shoot at it wich is ridiculous. Also not all ppl have infinite internet and i wasted all of mine and got nothing pretty much. So since new laws are comming starting next year of restrict ppl movement and make curfew so we cant go outside at all at some time. PLEASE make special scents at least for para lux. At least with like 10% chance of getting it such as family scents when you move you get 2 spawns when you dont you get 1. This way people can at least try to unlock it and thouse who has problems like i do with transport and rules has an opportunity to get it. It can be a rare scent i am not telling like make it 1 times a mounths thing it can be at some celebrations added or time to time pop in shops for 200 cash. I think this would be a great idea to all have a bit more higher chance of getting him unlockt at least couse legit through out this time i am kinda disapointed of spawns we are getting. Its either common or rare thats all pretty much. I hope this messege will be seen and Ludia will think about this option couse i think this would be a great selution for Para Lux spawns.


Christmas Lights scent

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I do hope the para lux situation thing can be fixed. I have only encountered it once 2-3 days ago, and I couldn’t dart it because I was in a moving vehicle and it de-spawned, yay. But yeah, I’d love to be able to have a slight chance at getting it thru scents like giga or family etc etc

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It works with the Giga scent.

I’ve darted about four of them thus far through the Giga scent.

I’m still opting for Ludia to allow us to put non-hybrid Legendaries in Sanctuaries now since I sincerely doubt Para Lux is going to be the only one though. At least that way, it’ll be a little easier for us to level it up.


Really? I thought short range spawn creatures are not scentable. Can you send a screenshot please?

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U got para lux thru giga scents? I thought they could only spawn when your moving or something, ok then. But if they decide to allow non hybrid legendaries to go in the sanctuary, the only problem I see is how much dna you’d get, since epics literally get around 5 dna at their best, I think. Idk, i feel like lux dna reward thing for interacting(play & feed) would be low or maybe the same as epic dna. Just my train of thought

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It don’t spawn on Giga Scent, none of short range spawns on Giga Scent.

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Yes, it does. I’ve literally darted 4 of them while out and about with an active Giga scent.

can u send a screenshot if it re-occurs or if ya got one?

If I get the chance and remember to, then yes

Not hard to find if you actually play a bit.

I play a lot and have seen exactly one when I was a passenger in a car. Like many others, I hate short range spawns, they’re very unfair (and let’s not even mention the pandemic).

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You sure that they spawned because of the scent and not just while the scent was running?

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Agreed. She’s not Apex or a hybrid so I see no reason why she can’t go into sanctuaries.


Can’t be. I run a giga scent every other day and never had one spawn. Have encounterd 2 already when i was a passenger in a car during long drives (120 km).

I’m absolutely certain the scent increased the odds of them spawning.

For every person its different as i sayed earllyer some can come outside and in 5 min dart 2 of them idk how the heck that works but im telling about situation i have and multiple people has as well. Maybe at some countrys its easyer as i sayed no idea how it works but i just say my expiriance through all this time with para lux.

I have been running scent every day giga one if that would happen i would 100% get at least one. I think its just spawned as short range and one of the giga spawns disappeared or you moved out of the area where it was and para appeared there for you had a feeling its giga that spawned it.

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Definitely don’t spawn on giga scents. As I run at least 2 everyday, would have it already. Havent seen a single one.

My problem is also that there are very few short range spawns in my area. So it’s almost impossible to find it as short range spawns spawn common global crap or Amphi.

In my country most short range spawns are on freeways.

I have had roughly one a day (and always when a giga was running); I know they are not supposed to spawn with scents but I could have sworn on two occasions that a rare scent started with a Gorgonops - or at the very least one spawned and the opening rare from the scent didn’t. Could be a bug … :man_shrugging:

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