Please create Dino specific scent

Please create Dino specific scent that we can buy for 200 game cash. It should spawn atleast one Dino of specific type. You can have scent for Para lux legendary, Diplodocus, etc

I think this would be a great idea still haven’t seen para lux but once

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That would be extremely broken. I’m all for more type-specific scents (Sauropods, Pterosaurs etc) but for one specific creaturw would be bad for variety. Imagine someone doing this for Tenontosaurus, Diplodocus, Wooly Rhino. Almost every arena would be flooded with Tenontorex, Geminititan and Monolorhino. They’re obviously just examples but still. Matchmaking is on its last leg as it is, this (imo) would doom it permantly


They were supposed to add and update dinosaurs in existing perfumes. There are dinosaurs that came in the last updates that have the same characteristics as some and that were not added in the aromas.

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This. Everything that isn’t Apex or a hybrid should appear in one scent or another, even the “exclusives”.

Hadro scent with a possible appearance of Para Lux in it would sound nice.