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Please do not implement stat boosts

At first glance, sure it sounds like a nice idea. Being able to customize your dinos to be able to contend with the others. The problem here is that this will not change the match ups when creatures are fully boosted. What difference does it make to boost your t rex to its highest speed and attack and hp, when the opponent does the same with their other dino ? The match up ends up the same! A t rex stat boosted with speed against a velociraptor with stat boosted speed will not change anything! This is not a good idea at all, because this will further divide a lot of players. Imagine a draco ceratops stat boosted with swap in shattering rampage and boosted speed against your dinosaur that isn’t as stat boosted as theirs? Thats the direction the game is going everyone.

This update is amazing! Except for the stat boost as it is not a good thing at all. Every single higher level player with numerous uniques and dinosaurs at higher levels ive spoken to look at this and think its a bad idea and aren’t a fan of it. Thats because it is a bad idea. They have played the game long enough to know when something is bad and this is most definitely not a good thing. This will create such a huge power difference amongst the players and could potentially ruin the game for everyone. Higher level players, low level players, free to play players, and even pay to play players as they realize they have to spend unholy amounts just to reach their desired strength or to contend. Do not implement this. Please don’t do it.


This is essentially a lvl cap raise without saying it directly. The upside to this is that we won’t have to collect more DNA. Which will take from alliance members that are still working on the same creatures. And hopefully will not cost us coins. I see this as a great idea. It can also act as a crutch while you are continuing on lvling said creature


This!^ Literally said basically the exact same thing earlier


LOL. do you really think there is hope that this will not cost coins/cash? We are talking about Ludia, King of the Moneygrab.


Don’t know if I like it, but there’s no difference between that and level difference tbh… My only issue with that is the speed boost. I think 100 is way too much… And also, they have to take into account those boosts in the new matchmaking system.

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Yes, I think it is essentially another way of leveling the Dinos that doesn’t need DNA. But Speed boost is certainly a huge problem.

I don’t understand the complaint. “Eventually nothing will change but at the start things will change”

Well OK

I think I get what you are saying but I miss what there is to complain about. Yes, as it looks now when dinos draw closer to end game dinos will be more reliant on their base stats. Folks should know that but if they do not care they can make their favorite dinos viable and not sweat the endgame. What is broken about that?

Who are these high level players you’ve spoken to? Because my experience has been exactly opposite. Ignore my opinion though I’ve just fallen to the bottom of the top 100


Maybe the speed needs to be maxed at +10 speed. And

While making the seasons 100% P2W again (like the first few were) would definitely be bad for the game, I wouldn’t panic just yet.

  1. We don’t know the amount of resources needed for stat boosts. We don’t even know if it’ll require anything else besides the new items like DNA, coins, etc… A lot will depend on that.
  2. We have “New Tournaments” coming. If those are made to gauge players’ actual skill instead of how much money they funneled into the game (dinos at equal levels and no stat boosts or something of the sort), one P2W competition and one actual tournament is something I’ll be able to live with.

I’ll have to wait and see how it works but, of course, this is the worst news of this version for me (and there’s a lot of bad news). Until now the game worked more or less well because the developers had calculated the creatures so that they all had their natural counters. For example, the Tryko was invincible to almost everyone except the Thor. Now a Tryko with only one point more speed will be superior to any Thor. Utarinex or Magna were two beasts but were easily defeated by faster dinos. Now a Magna or a Utarinex of 24 with 10% more speed will be better than any creature that was previously faster. But, what’s worse, a Utarinex of 23 with a little more speed, will destroy a Utarinex of 27 without extra help.
All the calculations of the developers to try that the battle had rules and were just (although sometimes they miscalculated their calculations as with the draco and the tryko) are no longer useful.


Maybe you have 10 max stat boosts and you cant get any more so you’d either distribute stats or max out one stat to balance it, and maybe speed should cap out at 25/50, not 100.


Boost amounts should be decreased. 50% and 100 speed is too much

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Would 25% be good? :wink:

I also do not like this idea, I know this hasn’t been properly tested, but we will see how it goes when the patch goes live.
if it is indeed as bad as a lot of people think there will be mayhem on the forums once again XD

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What does the maximum matter?
A tenontorex of 21 with speed increased by 1% will ALWAYS win at a Tenontorex of 26 without increased speed.

I guess it matters because once these dinos are maxed we are exactly back where we started.


I guess…

Yes, but before that, any additional point changes everything. What’s more that the maximum is 10%, 100% or 300,000%? a single point changes everything.

I was under the impression that there would be a limit to how many stat boosts you can use on a dinosaur, so you could choose to make them faster by sacrificing additional power boosts for instance.

If it’s possible to max out all of them though? Yeah, bad idea.


A stat boost is like a level. It’s probably going to be as hard as leveling from 30 to 40 to max it out.

What I love is you don’t have to wait until your creature is lvl 30.