Please do not make the same mistake as PokemonGo


See to that the motivation to get out and walk is high! That is, keep a large variaty of dinos out there so it is possible to go out and hunt. Now there are just a couple of booring comons out there, very seldome epic or new rares. We players want catch, get XP and level up!

Better to plan a bit shorter life span to the game and make it more intense and challanging. Spawn more dinos, lots of different, change the common more often. If possible, change the normal spawn to once in 30 min to an hour, the rare’s and epics could apeer more random in freq and alive-time. I know rhis would put more pressure onto the servers, but how much?!

Arrange for different levels. Perhaps one breeding level, one fighting level and one collecters level. All giving possible to different perks in battle or when collecting dinos making it harder or easier to catch some dinos.

Well, I’ve got more ideas but I’ll stop for now.

Keep up the good work!!

PS. I saw that it is more players that have lost bucks like my son. He lost 600 bucks and an incubator.


PoGo’s only mistakes were to not have a PVP option (which as far as I am aware they still don’t have two years after release!) and that they have made their game about boring and monotonous grinding. At least with JWA I want to go out and catch dinosaurs for continued levels of DNA. Once you get a pokemon up to a certain CP it becomes pointless to catch more.

I don’t think Ludia have made any mistakes so far. In fact I think the game is going from strength to strength.