Please do something for rural areas


Hey Ludia, I love your game and really enjoy your design compared to Pokemon. However there are some issues I am getting increasingly frustrated with as I live in a rural area.

I live in north PA. I walk over 6 miles a day with my dog. Every other day we will head to promised land state park that is 30 minutes away by car, to do a 6 mile hike so I can get the park event spawns. I am lucky to get 3 random rare drops throughout the entire day. I have a few requests that would help even the playing field for this game.

Think you guys can increase rare/epic dino spawns for rural areas because there is no way I can compete against those in cities especially NYC. It is kinda ridiculous that I will go out for a 6 mile hike which takes 3 - 4 hours and also walk around my area for an additional 2 hours, so altogether 5-6 hrs, and only see 3 rare spawns. It is actually friggin ludicrous.

Can you please up the scaling for fusing creatures? I am trying to fuse for a legendary and after blowing through 1k nodosaurus dna I am only halfway there…

If this doesn’t get changed, I highly suspect that you won’t see anyone playing your game in rural areas because what takes us 4-6 hours to do, a person in NYC or other cities can do in 45 minutes.

Lastly, can you add stops to trails in parks, google maps does have park trails in its interface, so its not just walking on main roads? Kinda taking me and my dog’s life into our hands trying to get a rare dino with people blowing past doing 60 mph…


I don’t experience this in JWA, but I agree with this.