Please do the parasauralophus dance with me

Or sacrifice some virgins to the RNG gods at Ludia (whatever suits). I have a 24hr incubator running and I need this little guy in my life.


Hum, that Parasaurolophus you’re talking about, I haven’t seen it in a while… post 1.4 patch, that guy flew away like a bird from the game for me…

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It’s like, rarer than the lovechild of Waldo and Carmen Sandiego here in L1.

Just dance over to L4. They’re out here like ironic beards at a Phish concert.


Oh wow. It is everywhere out here.



Yeah I was going to say I can dart over 10 in an hour if I wanted but I hate using tragod and tuoromoloch (sp) sucks so I don’t bother



You need to find the right zone, at work and at home I never see him, however, there is an industrial estate I can detour on the way home where he’s out and about in force daily.

True story. I won’t bore you with details of why, but right now I’m almost exclusively limited to places that I can walk! Makes it harder. I also live in a rural town in the middle of nowhere :laughing:

Yes come to L4 zone

Sucomino, Parassaurolofo and Iguanodonte everywhere. Para is also an ANYTIME spawning so just find the right zone and start hunting!

I can get between 1000-1500 parasaurolophus DNA on a lunchbreak by just walking around in zone 4 spamming common scents every 5 minutes for half an hour :wink:

I did not see a PArasaulophus ever until his migration. I came to believe that they did not exist. After the migration they appeared in area 4, near my work … and it is probably the most common creature. To give you an idea, I use it for both Tragodistis and Paramoloch and I have collected more than 20,000 Parasoulophus DNA in less than 12 days.

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I would catch Parasaurolophuses for money :smiley:

Trago isn’t so useful until leveled up.

Well she has been important part in my team since I created her and now she is 23 lvl. Always been beast.

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I have only two legendaries so far and trago regularly ruins my day, I’ll take my chances :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This brings me hope. Currently stuck in a rural town with a 7 month old baby and no car (RIP), so going anywhere more than a few km away isn’t feasible, next year I’ll be a bit more mobile again when work starts up again and maybe then I can experience the parasauralophus influx like others of you! They’re astoundingly hard to get if you don’t have access to the right zone. I haven’t seen them featured in events or strike towers.

I’m happy to share some of mine. :grin:

After guilds are a thing, maybe players can request and donate Dino DNAs. :grin:

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It is one of the problems of the zones. For the inhabitants of the big cities, it only means moving around a little. For inhabitants of rural areas it may involve long journeys in the kitchen.

Your hope is that in the new patch this creature will go to your area or become a global creature.

On the other hand I read a lot about the “Nest Spawns” and this creature should be near banks but, in my experience, I have not yet noticed the existence of these “Nest Spawns”. Perhaps they are only prepared in the USA or they are associated with specific names in the English language. I do not know.

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