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Please do this nerf

Shield advantage: Bring cool down to 2 and doest bypass armor

Megistotherium: No escape should not be active while switching at the same time

Andrewsarchus: Decrease speed, Decrease crit chance 20%

Woolly rhino: Decrease attack to 1250 at lvl 26

Diplodocus: Literally almost everything

Please don’t argue with me because my day sucked because I got sick and ruined my weekend plans.


i get the diplo but it just needs an attack nerf to like 1200 or 1250, and health brought down and MAYBE shield advantage to just shielded strike or whatever, megistotherium needs more speed, api to fi, andrew needs a speed decrease to like 120 and maybe crit to 30%, rhino attack maybe 1400 or 1350 or 1300

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Diplo just needs to replace decel Rampage with decel impact, Rhino needs a rework, Shield advantage is fine.


Yeah decel rampage to decel impact is perfect for Diplo. It cuts it’s damage output against high HP opponents, without sacrificing it’s ability to 2-shot 3000 hp dinos with strikes (and without forcing it to use it’s strong attack).


Other than that, I wouldn’t mind the other changes, but none are at the top of my list (except maybe Rhino).

I like the idea of shield advantage not bypassing armor, but it’s probably fine on it’s current cooldown.

The no escape interaction is just how the game works. They just need to make it so that the faster creature always swaps first so it’s consistent (if it isn’t that way already). Many cunnings are immune to swap prevention, so that should help.

Andrewsarchus usually beats anything slower than it, so making it slower could be a good way to nerf it if it needs it. I can see it getting a crit chance nerf too, but I wouldn’t go lower than 30 personally.

And rhino could get either a flat damage nerf, a nerf to it’s swap in specifically (like giving it swap in headbutt to halve the damage), or some other rework. I prefer the “swap in headbutt” route myself, because Rhinos swap in move is really the only part of it that’s too strong.

BTW I’m not here to argue against you specifically, or argue at all really. You just brought up some interesting talking points that I thought were worth addressing.

I assumed this thread would just remain empty because

But apparently not.

Everyone else has already covered the other issues, but I’d like to bring up Megistotherium. Swapping it in when you’re slower and you think your opponent is going to swap is a very niche scenario but one of the few things that make it relevant. I find it odd that you’re targeting Megistotherium specifically instead of all No Escape users, because Megistotherium is probably the least annoying one and easily less powerful in most scenarios than something like Andrew or Rixis. I don’t see the point in nerfing it when it’s so unproblematic, some would even argue that it’s underpowered.

The tactic is usually high-risk high reward anyway, so I don’t see the point in nerfing it even if it would apply to all No Escape users, or even all users of On Escape abilities because they all use the same mechanic.

It’s merely a natural consequence of the way swapping works, it would be counterintuitive if it didn’t work this way.


It would actually likely do the opposite. It’s like putting up an invitation in bright neon lights.

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I’m here to argue.

None of these creatures is a problem are well balanced, moreover the problem is how Ludia matches you, it is what almost always defines who loses and who wins, and the number of exchangers that do damage, you can simply win by using 8 exchangers on your team , those are more problems than all those creatures.

Eh rhino and dippy are very problematic. The rest I agree; if any megisotherium needs a buff.


Bring the Cooldown to 2 but that’s it. I feel like that’s a substantial nerf on its own so removing piercing might be overkill.

Megisto is underpowered I would say. And no escape should definitely not be nerfed as it counters whino and the other swappers. So I would prefer this change to not happen.

I’m not quite sure on the amount of “decrease speed” you’re suggesting, but I don’t think it needs a nerf in stats. It should remain as the fast chomper. However I feel like cleansing strike counters cunning to much so making that fierce strike would be great.

Whino could use a nerf to damage. 1250 damage LvL26 seems fair however that is a major nerf so increase the armor to 30% in return. Or possibly increase the speed to 116 and give it speed/stun immunity. I personally prefer the nerf to damage, add defense but both works.

With this one… You already nerfed it hard with Shield Advantage. More is definitely not needed. Seems like you just had a hard time with diplo in a battle and then you to complain. Yes it’s hard to beat and certainly OP, but logically nerf it. I think the shield advantage nerf is enough as it loses all defense and offensive capabilities turn 3. If we really want to nerf it however reduce its damage to 1400 or remove deceleration resist.

Waited a day to write this so you wouldn’t get disappointed about me critiquing your work, so hopefully your ok with me giving some feedback today. If not… sorry


I’m not being criticized by you. Also thanks for the note

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Says does not want to argue but comes to a forum where debates take place. Debating is a form of argument.

Well if want to ruin my day well go for it and make my weekend trashy

Oh and also I started tournaments and these stupid strats are pissing me off so please that’s why

For Andrewsarchus, I would argue that the cleansing strike needs to be taken off. As it stands, he can OHKO his counter, Velociraptor, with a crit - from a basic move. He can also do a lot of damage to other cunnings thanks to that.

Megi is one of those critters where you need to decide if being faster is a good thing or not, but the rest I agree with you on.

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