Please don’t get rid of Hadros lux raid!

I’ve only halfway (150/300) collected Hadros lux dna from raiding, and it bums me out a lot that I’ll never be able to have a complete collection of Dinosaurs.
There’s room for 2 raid bosses on Saturday just like there is on Sunday, so why not put a boss there? It’s disappointing… I hope this doesn’t stay permanent.


i say they throw it in with haas BUT they reduce it to a 2 or 3 turn…make it harder of course :stuck_out_tongue: but somethign that isnt 4 round time suck i would be happy with that not that i need it but i know some people do especially new people…you know…the ones your trying to get people to recruit


It will not be completely gone. It probably will be added on another day like mortem

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Where is the announcement that they will get rid of the Hadros Lux raid?

I would just like to see them make the former raid Apex’s fusable.

There are a lot of raids, that makes the map slow at times, Ludia/Jam City can add another way to get dna from the old apex, now there is the pass, there you can add dna, they sell it in the store, you can make them fusionable, you can make attack towers with this dna, you can put a menu with the old bosses so they don’t occupy the map, you can do what you’ve been asking for a long time solo raids.

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