Please don't count treasure chest in daily limit


Every Wednesday we have the treasure chest event but if we want to get maximum of it, we have to spin the whole day coin limit before opening the chests.

It’s very nice event and thank you for it every week, but please, don’t count it in daily coin limit. In other case, the 3rd treasure chest is almost useless, cause anyway I will spin SD till the limit before the last chest.


I didn’t even realize it counts toward the daily limit, that’s kind of bs considering it’s a special event.


Yeah, I just noticed that today. Unless get you coin limit through supply drops first, the chests will count against it. Kind of a lousy, sneaky tactic, but… Ludia, so yeah.


What about coins from strike events?


Agreed - I normally get the first two at the end of the day when I have reached the limit but the third is too early and eats into the daily limit although I guess it speeds up the process so its easier to get the fourth after you have hit that limit. That’s still just under 9000 coin though so useful enough. Has anyone got anything different to the 2950 or is it always that?


Those don’t make a difference.


i think even incubators count, because i can’t believe that i earned my cap limit on just my ride to work in the morning


Incubators don’t count either.


Agreed. For my schedule all but 1 treasure chest are useless atm, lol.


I always try to hit my daily coin limit as fast as possible right after it resets (usually less than an hour). Then I’m ready the next day when chests appear. I also wait until around midnight to grab the 7pm chest so I can make sure the supply drop limit is hit and then grab that chest and hunt dinos until the next one appears at 1am.


Yep, neither incubator or strike event coins are not included in daily coin limit. So please, exclude the treasure chests too.


Nice, looks like you live in the americas. Imagine trying to do that when your daily limit resets at 3 am. I can’t hit my coin limit until the evening, so the first 2 chests after daily reset are 100% useless. If I have to be home before 11pm then the last one before reset too.

It’s already bad enough I can’t skip a day as opposed to people who can collect for the next day in their late evening. Why unnecessarily discriminate even further with this broken treasure chest mechanic? Only Ludia knows…


It’s the same here. My daily limit resets at night (idk when exactly). And the event starts at 5pm local time.
I have to collect the day limit till 11pm, find a treasure chest, after 11pm another one and the next day I have to collect coins from SD till 4pm to be able to open the last treasure chest.


Thanks Ludia!

Today I noticed, that treasure chest doesn’t count in daily limit anymore! That’s great!


Hm, looks like coins from treasure chests are still counting toward something because I’ve just been notified that I’ve reached my coin limit for battles, and I only do the bare minimum of pvp each day.


Now coin limit comes in 2 form. Normal supply box limit and event supply box limit (which is half your daily limit). I have checked both limits after taking a treasure chest and confirmed that it does not count into either of them.

So technically, with 1.14, your daily coin limit is increased to (1.0+0.5)x daily and on treasure hunt days the max you can get is 2.5x


The coins for battles are different. I often get notified that I’ve reached my limit on battle coins but then I still get them a match or two later, and continue getting them for most matches.


This is the first time I’ve gotten that notification and I always do bare minimum of matches since pvp stresses me out. The only thing I can think of that I had done differently was I’ve opened three chests today already. Weird … :thinking: