Please don't do weekday tournaments again!

It’s exhausting after so many days of continuous tournaments!

I think that the purpose of this extra tournament is probably because:

  1. There can be an extra advantage tourney, so more boost sales.
  2. The bar for getting refund tokens is set too high, so an extra tourney will give extra points

However, one additional tournament is exhausting! A few members I know have lost interest because of this and are quitting. For a casual alliance, it may not take much time for members to do additional 10 kills. However, for competitive alliances:

  1. It’s a nightmare for the members since they have to fight non-stop to maintain the alliance ranking
  2. The thrill of achieving the highest level of AC reward is gone because you don’t need any effort to reach there. Just assume the thrill if 10 athletes can get gold medals instead of 1 in each sports game in Olympics.

When the thrill is gone, the interest in the game is gone, too.

So please, please! Don’t do any weekday tournaments again! If it’s too hard for casual alliances to get tokens, then lower the bar. You know which player base that you can squeeze out the most amount of milk. You know your long-term profit will suffer if this base becomes smaller and smaller- if you do have a long-term goal that is.


Pretty sure when the month allows 5 tournaments, the 5th one is an advantage one anyway, so no, this wasn’t done to squeeze in an extra advantage tourney.

The boost return tokens start as low as level 6… But the vast vast majority of alliances don’t hit level 10 rewards, so this allowed them to get higher rewards. It combined well with the April fools event in my opinion.

So I couldn’t disagree more. I consider it a nice gesture from Ludia and would like to see it more often. It’s quite literally free extra rewards and resources, and I am pretty sure most alliances’ main objective are the tourney rewards, rather than the competition. I find it selfish to try to rob others from extra rewards, because the way you personally play the game makes you see an optional bonus as a chore.

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i mean, it was a free extra rewards. extra points that alliances didnt need to budget for in their calcs for tournaments. ya’ll don’t need to be top whatever every tournament, especially ones that are there to help boost the number of players that can reach certain rewards.

im sure a large portion of the players took advantage of these free points to bump up their usual ranks.


Why not just do your 10 td to help the alliance to reach better rewards, it only takes 30 minutes

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5th had always been a skilled before the unique advantage was brought in last year.

You don’t have to participate. I get burned out at times and just don’t bother with them.

So after a quick check, the last 5th Tournament being a skill one was May 2021, almost a year ago. At this point 5th Tournament is expected to be an advantage one, they don’t need a convoluted excuse for it, it’s already what’s expected.

Before that, it had always been skilled as the 5th. Then after that, we had 6 or 7 unique advantages in a row with 2 unique advantages as the 5th. This change caused some complaints. Then there haven’t been any unique advantages in 3 ACs this year, so people would expect that the 5th tourney goes back to skilled.

I think Ludia did us all a huge favour by giving us an extra tournament for such a worthwhile creature this month.

If it had been for next months I would have told my my alliance that it was entirely up to them whether they participated or not, but Indotaurus was well worth the extra effort.

It’s extra dna for free and entirely up to alliances whether they choose to be ultra competitive or not.


Yea I can see why it’s a problem, it is quite disruptive to a lot of people since it’s during the week.

However, our alliance did manage to secure the Tier 10 incubator, so I am not complaining lol.

I loved the mid-week tournament as it is easier for me to play during the week then on some weekends. But I do think 3 back to back tournaments could burn folks out if they are a regular occurrence. Perhaps it could be quarterly or the 5 week months?

I liked it too. And as others have said, it gave more points, which means more rewards. On a month when we would have only four tourneys, we had five. No one is obligated to play it, except for the 10 takedowns, which can be done quite easily in 3 days. I say give us more.

Wasn’t as bad as I expected, but perhaps Tu-Th would work better? Give people a break instead of rolling right into another one. That and it gives us time to jot down peoples scores to make sure everyone is participating. #whyaretherenoalliancetools

If you ever do it (pls don’t), just don’t make it a coin tourney!