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1.6 looks really good so far, but I have to ask, are there any plans to implement a concede feature in this game? This has been suggested as far back as September of last year.

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If they added that button. Fastest way to derank ever.


Maybe, but if someone is going to derank wouldn’t you rather it take a couple seconds rather than however long it takes you to KO 3 dinosaurs while they put their phone down?

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Would a concede button make some achievments, like X amount of battles, too easy if you aren’t concerned about your rank?

Battles are probably to short for them to ever implement something like a concede button

I’m thinking more along the lines of people that realize they’ve lost and want to save some time.

As for derankers, it takes what, 30 seconds per turn? In addition to the 30 seconds they get at the beginning to pick their dinosaur?

I haven’t battled in a hot minute since the tournament started so I might be off with those times, but assuming you one-shot all 3 of the dinosaurs, that’s a 2-minute battle. Realistically, considering higher level dinosaurs, bad matchups, unlucky crits and cooldowns, I would expect that battle to take around 5 minutes.

Why would you not want to have that time back?

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