Please, don't tell Ludia

As you probably noticed, some change about a delayed running bird didn’t happen. Don’t you dare telling Ludia about this/reporting this as a bug. Maybe it’s intended, maybe it’s not. Let’s don’t risk it’s a mistake that would be repaired.


Will do :rofl:

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So delete this post right now :joy: you’re telling them lol


The developers don’t read the forums. It’s fine.


@MINMI is right. They have about 7 minutes read time xDD
Also, “delayed running bird” isn’t that obvious


You’re talking about the armored cat that got nerfed right? Because that was obv a bug that needs to be fixed :rofl:


Or a certain olive terror getting buffed? :thinking:


What made you think making this post was a good idea then?

They already know what happened and are looking into it

loving the pink waterfall …lol


Shhhh,it is perfect actually,they don’t need to “Fix”(Make him OP) it.

To make everyone know that they should not (for balance’s sake) report this bug (?) to mods, as they are the only ones who can really make devs know that they made a mistake (if it really is one).

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Please pray they don’t pay attention to this thread or else the tragedy of that red ostrich will happen again.

first thing that came to my mind was JW is either trying to kill their dinos with pink toxic water or there was a spill of radioactive stuff that turned the water pink

my mind got that from bugged pink water in a game

Next thing you know, we’ll have pink T-Rexes in t-
Oh great now that cursed image is stuck in my head…