Please, dont tell me

That you Ludia, are a company without a vision. i dont care that you are blind to our complaints but please tell me there is a vision and not just a money scheme.

I would rather start this thread by saying this…

This game is awesome!! It is what i need and i wish that it is very successful. Im sure your intentions for boosts were good and i can see them working great in many ways but the way they were implemented just makes it twice as hard for us to develop a team, imagine how new players feel… the matchmaking is the worst and isnt logical. why not give us something that we can work with and learn from and make it final, instead of changing and tweaking it to what you think is “ok”.

1.9 is coming and do you know what we want?? NEW DINOS!!! NOT

Why not make 1.9 about making the game flawless. Im not going into bullet points because i dont want to sound like im yelling or demanding, im simply asking. like a Christmas list. Correct alliance chat please? This game intends to create an alliance between fellow players and when chat is bugged its kind of a turn off to many. Please give the leaders tools to monitor their alliance. Sanctuaries are awesome. Thankyou for implementing them. The graphics of them eating, interacting and playing are so gruesome and cute!! A few tweaks can be made to organize everything. Like maybe limit the amount of shared sancs. Allow us to lock certain sancs to keep them organized to what the alliance needs. More incentives please? Im happy for any free dna but i think it should be a little higher, especially since epics are so low.

Besides these current fixes, there are many bugs that have been going on for awhile. Im not a developer and i dont know how many servers it takes to run this thing. I know you all are trying to do everything you can to keep this great game going. Please do everything that you can to provide us with a great gaming experience. Lag, bugs, slow map updating, glitches, lost connections are all negative experiences. They are like the birth of bad reviews. Sure some of us shrug it off once or twice. Some of us even live with it and say its part of the game… Imagine that one… Im sure that is not what you intended… Some players cant even play this game and i kind of assume its because the graphics are so awesome and generate alot of resources. I dont experience that myself but the other bugs i do.

Finally, the customer service. When its answered, you guys are great and courteous. Very helpfull. It just takes so long to get heard from. I wish there was a faster process. Your mods on this forum are awesome. God bless them all. Please bring them further into the loop and give them more info. Please extend your hours into 24/7 or atleast everyday. This game is worth it. I hope you guys know that. Dont abandon us. You have alot of people who love this game even before it was created. Dinosaurs were my first love since a kid. Im sure that you have a vision. Make us PROUD!!

Please, just make 1.9 about making this game flawless and the best it can be.


Totally agree


Agree with each and every point!

Well said mate =D

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My boy!!! I teared up a bit mid way through. Well done @Pateradactyl ! Well done!



They are NOT a money scheme. If they were they wouldn’t alienate so many players who would be willing to pay a little each month. I guarantee player base is 1/3 what it could have been. The whales will always be there so they did lose tons of cash.

you dont get it. they can either offer us a great game or keep picking at our wallets.


im not doing this to follow the rhetoric of this forum.

I just wish they would sell the game to a more competent company.


your negativity especially when you cant offer anything to help is not needed. know what you wish for.

Oh really?

Suggestions, great suggestions, have been made by dozens of players over the past few months to fix the game but instead we just keep getting bombarded with things we didn’t ask for. Yeah the new features are cool but I’d like to be able to play two matches in a row without getting kicked out of the app, or to not worry about my buttons dissapearing mid-match, among other things.

So excuse me for for losing faith in Ludia


there ya go. thats all that needed to be said.

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Literally didn’t read anything but this and couldn’t agree more.

Nothing personal, I’m just terrible at reading TL;DR post. I’m working on it though. Please have patience with my progress.


dude your heart is full of poison. thanks for not helping the thread.

All I can say to @Ludia_Developers is this: “Quality Control”


Considering this is your response to an opinion you dislike in the thread you created, your words don’t exact hit the mark to my “poison heart.”

That being said, I still hope that my words didn’t bring down your positive feelings about this wonderful game.


please. go to sleep. nothing helpfull again.

Yeah I myself have as of lately been “trying” to not get so worked up about things in the game and forums…remember when we first were encountering each other Pat? lol, I swear 99% of my posts were being moderated >.<!

To quote the movie The Wolverine: “You know what happens to men who go looking for blood? They FIND it!”

thats the thing. theres to much bs in here. its the same crap all the time with nothing positive. we have all gone through it with this game. why is it that the negative has to shine more then the positive perspective?


Yeah I think the key thing to learn as players of a game going through a rough PATCH (Pun lol) is we need to learn the difference between raging and constructive criticism…
…one day ill get there haha!

I couldn’t agree more… very well said.

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