Please end cheating in pvp

Too often you cheat in pvp putting count of five instead of ten even if people attack or do an action each round ,and making impossible to attack just to make adversary win pvp ,sometime you even take out connection in last rounds to make people loose (it happens too many times to be random and always in the final moment of the match)please stop it it is frustrating and make only people understanding that pvp is a fake and hating pvp and the game in itself.Another cheat is when lower level adversary do a critic each and every one while you do minimum damage each and every round ,this kind of games are only frustrating because they are clearly out of the range of luck…Even because it happens too frequently…


I’d like to also ask the players here how often do they win initiative? Out of 100 matches, I’ve won 6 times. I counted. This has been persistent since the past update. Doesn’t matter if player or of NPC. Actually come to think of it, I’ve only won vs players, rarely. There’s being unlucky then there’s me at a 5-10% ratio of getting to go first.

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I really don’t think people are cheating to get initiative. I’m not sure how you’d do it. Besides, you’re suggesting that a large percentage of your opponents are cheating? That seems excessive.

I haven’t noticed an inequality of initiative.


No not at all. I didn’t want to create a new thread for this so I piggybacked on this one.

No one is cheating for initiative, I’m just asking for other player’s experiences when it comes to how often you all win initiative. I can’t be the only one winning at an under 10% rate.

As for cheating, I don’t think anyone is cheating. I think Fabrizio is frustrated with how often the server times out which causes players to lose attacks and or time out. There have been several times I mash my attack so that the command get through.

I also miss attacks at least once per match, while my opponent never does, especially a bot/NPC. And bots/NPCs crit way more than players. Basically, the coding is being questioned here.

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I agree, I’m always surprised during the ultra rare times I actually win initiative.

I win more than 50/50 i think

Seems initiative is about 5 or 10 out of 100 for me

It is funny how many people complain about initiative. It just shows that only those with problems talk and those who have good experience don’t. It is impossible that everyone wins less than half the time when it is player against player. Someone has to win for everyone that loses. When it comes to vs bots, I guess the bots could win more than 50% but it seems unlikely and wasteful to have two separate algorithms for when someone is playing a live person and someone is playing a bit


In In arena 6 And I Get Real Players All The Time. Every Now And Then I’ll Run Into A :robot:

That’s the other thing that makes me laugh. People talk about being in 5 or 6 or 7. To make it there they had to have won more than they lost and to stay there they have to be around even.


@DylanRamsey 50 / 50 on vip.