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Please explain Ludia

This is obviously a dropper

How is this considered balanced matchmaking?A level 30 against level 22. Very very big gap of levels. So please Ludia, I would love to be endowed with your wisdom and common sense.

It looks like an aviary player imo. If that team comes to Library I would slay it unboosted xd


Oh it was boosted. The Tany was definitely boosted the most out of all of them.

By that I mean my team unboosted will easily take that team out. It does seem like a high aviary team

Yeah, seeing more of this just recently. Wondering if Ludia changed the matchmaking to expand it a bit, since it seems fewer people were playing.

The range of their dinosaur levels lowers their overall team strength. They probably count on the Thor/DC combo for battling along with the high speed/damage of the level 30 Tany. If they don’t get them they are more than likely losing battles but when they do get them it’s usually an uneven match.

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Plus look at there trophies. Not even hit Library yet. Droppers usually set a high ( to set season rewards) then drop…

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Makes sense. I run into these where most of their team is 22 to 24 and then they have a couple of ringers that are level 30 and highly boosted. They gamble on having the rng choose them for their team. It’s why their trophy level is low. Probably losing 50% of their battles.

They relied on Tany more than Thor and the Rat

A way to game the system is to actually use commons and rares on your team, at l30. Trophy gain and loss is based off of team strength(even past 5k trophies) where rarity counts so if you have some good l30 commons and rares on your team, you lose less trophies per loss and gain more trophies per win. Unless the trophies gained/losses is switched completely to trophy count, just like match making, there will always be ways to influence the system.

Hmmm that is an interesting theory.

I have a high level rare on my team, I still lose 30 trophies per loss to anyone who has pretty much full team of anywhere between lvl 24 and 27, but if I beat them I usually only get 27 trophies.
My team for reference.

A single rare isn’t going to change it much, and if you’re against teams that have one less unique, or have an epic, then your team strength will be close to theirs. If you had a common, a rare and an epic, and played against a full unique team, your loss would be low your gain would be high. But you also may lose more. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do it, tany is a great dino, as is suchotator, proca, etc, it just allows influencing the outcome of wins and losses on your trophy count.

It sounds like this would only bring the user to an artificially higher trophy count. They will eventually reach a point where they are facing higher level teams and will maintain or lose trophies. Same as just battling with a regular crew, only at a higher trophy count? Or is this where they will be matched with consistently lower ‘strength’ calculated players so have a better chance at easier wins?

I can see the theory but cannot grasp the rational for doing so. Is it just to be at a higher trophy count for… prestige or show? Manually dropping trophies to get easier wins seems like it would accomplish the same goal.

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I think the main issue here is you are all assuming Ludia uses logic.

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I think what has happened is the player has crazy leveled the easier to level dinosaurs and thus have gotten ahead of their teams average, and then matchmaking had no idea what to do…well more so I mean.

That team kinda sucks, I think it would be easy for them to be knocked out of library.

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My highest level is a common @ L18 everything on my team then varies from L13 - 16 i still manage to match up against mad boosted Lv28 uniques like cmon man, im only at 3300, i literally have a total of 5boosts applied as thats all ive earnt at Player Level 12… It’s so goddamn frustrating lol i can get team wiped by a Velociraptor regardless of what i use unless it has insta distract to which then they just swap it out to an IndoG2 cos why not lol