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Please explain points

Hi, this may be a newbie question, but there have been some odd discrepancies in the tournament arena. I’ve noticed the point deductions are not consistent, even when it’s the same move and the same Dino that I or someone else has used before. I know that each creature has a set point deduction depending on the move you make, and added points for ferocity etc. However, I’ve noticed there are times when my T-Rex will make the same exact move it did against the same dinosaur with the same amount of points, and one time it will take down the dinosaur, the next time it will just get a nibble. I’ve also noticed that there have been very odd situations where the opponents dinosaur takes off WAY more points than it’s supposed to, leaving me with exactly ONE point… is this a bug? What in the world is going on. I’ve spent most of my weekend trying to improve my team and skills in the tournament, and have made little to no headway at all. I study the top players, see what creatures they are using, and adjust my team to balance it out as best as possible considering I don’t have many of the dinosaurs that many of the top players own (the pachy for one, I have yet to get my smilodon as I’ve only seen one in the wild so far, and I’m lacking the maiasaur). Now, I KNOW this is supposed to be a skills tournament, but there is a LOT of RNG involved, and, let’s face it, some dinosaurs are better for a skills tourney than others.

Also… I cannot for the life of me figure out how in the world top players are using their orinthomimus successfully. Almost every time dodge doesn’t work for me… it’s a pain in the rear, and I’ve tried A LOT. However, whenever I go up against a hot team with one, I can never seem to get a bite. Am I doing something wrong? Honestly, I feel like RNG just doesn’t go in my favor most of the time. Yes, I do need to learn better strategies etc, BUT when there are point discrepancies/inconsistencies, and the dinosaur you and everyone else is using can’t get an RNG edge, I makes me want to use the term “skills” loosely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s extremely frustrating going from the arena where I do decently, to the tournaments where I can’t seem to get anywhere.

Thanks so much!
Happy gaming!

Watch for Moves that cause ‘distraction’ on your dino. Distraction reduces your attack from 50-90% depending on the move. If you say your dino is getting a ‘nibble’, I would say that your dino got distracted the move before your attack.

Also watch for a move that cleanse distraction. There are a few dinos that can stack two distractions on your opponent rendering their next attack at 0 Damage (Pyro raptor - Distracting impact -> Pounce for example), however this strategy of lowering your opponents damage will fail if your opponent has a cleanse distraction or other cleanse available.

Watch for Attack numbers to be in Gold. This is a critical hit for, I believe, an extra 50% damage.

Critical chances range from 5%-40% base on different dinos.

The skill in this tournament is more based on your ability to put together a team full of synergies. After that, it’s if the RNG is in your favor for a majority of the rest. Also watch weather or not when your dodge fails if your opponent is using a nullifying strike. Never use evasive (or expect it to work), if your opponent has a nullifying move. Also in this tournament there are multiple creatures that can hit through evasive (see definite strikes), so that could be happening to you as well. To add to the ‘skill’ is having a dino on your team you have a chance of getting that can hit through evasive. So field a dino that has a definite, or nullifying attack.

Nothing more satisfying to see an opponent go evasive to strike through. Nothing more disappointing than going evasive yourself forgetting that your opponent has a nullifying attack on hold.

Trust me when I say that in the next battle after that Orinthomimus dodge 5 times in a row, it failed that player.