Please explain this ridiculous matchmaking

I’ve been complaining about matchmaking for a while around here and among my Alliance comrades… But now it has gone too far. First of all, this is my team:

That’s right, there’s a level 18 non-boosted Dimodactylus among them. Trying to see if I could lower the level of my opponents a bit in this stupid, crazy matchmaking… that’s how desperate I am after losing 400 trophies in the last couple of days, only facing teams of level 27-29 (my strongest is 26), all of them SUPER BOOSTED. And I lose 35+ trophies most of the time!.. But ok… maybe It’s just bad luck…

But then I face this little team here…

Yeah… And you bet they’re boosted too… I swapped to my Dimo 18 and took down that boosted Trago 30 (and died together, of course), something to be proud of… Then comes the combination of Thor 30 and Draco 30… enough said. And how many trophies did I lose?.. 30 trophies… Of course, 'cause that’s a balanced opponent for me, sure…

So I ask…


Seriously, someone explain this joke to me 'cause I don’t get it…


Same here! I faced a lvl 30 Thor with 7000 health and 2200 atk yesterday, that was the point where I just left for the rest of the day.


One level 30 is actually normal for me nowadays… But THREE? And lose 30 trophies? They’ve gotta be kidding…


Hey I‘m facing teams with average lvl of 28 while mine is 24. My highest boost rank is 5, while I‘m facing monstrous creatures with rank 6 boosts and above.
I‘m somewhere between 4600 and 4800 and getting slaughtered by opponents that would have to be in the 6000 range. <.<


I also lose 30 trophies and if I win I get like 12…


Yeah it’s been quite difficult lol matchmaking is still pretty bad


They worry so much about feeding goats and hay to our creatures and screw up on the basics of their game mechanics… That’s just sad… Creatures, matchmaking, boosts… Everything is unbalanced.


I started a post yesterday saying exactly the same thing .
I got replies varying from support telling me they’ve made it much fairer to players saying they are fed up of easy wins against teams like mine !
I have nothing over 25 , run with 2 legendary , 6 very average unique , and have yet to play anyone who hasn’t got at least 3 uniques at levels 27 + and boosted . Inevitably they have a Draco at boosted level 28 too so I can’t use Magna , Erlidom or Deina as they get one shouted from the off !
So I lose every match until I may be lucky to get AI , having lost hundreds of trophies to get 10 . I’m rapidly getting fed up of matchmaking now , and when higher players are fed up of whipping players like me too , you know there must be something wrong .
Why can’t this be sorted ?
It didn’t used to be as bad as this …


What is your trophy count?
I’ve begun shooting back up to where I belong.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m matching with those that gamed the system to rise in 1.7, or I’m just lucking out. But the entire morning has been a brutal slaughterfest.


Right now I’m just over 5k, but I was around 5300 last weekend. If this were some kind of new matchmaking rebalancing, I would be ok with that, but I doubt it… They didn’t say anything about changes in matchmaking and it’s been happening since before 1.8

My alliance mates and I noticed this as soon as the update was downloaded. It appears that they have increased the influence of trophy count in MM to prevent the weird things that we had going on before like folks ranked the same, never being able to match up with the teams ranked around them, and basically creating a very strange leaderboard. I hope when this all sinks in this will reverse that but it’s hard to tell exactly what is going on until we get to a baseline area for teams.


I hope that’s the case.

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imo they fixed matchmaking. there were teams that got lucky breaks and weren’t supposed to be that high. then good teams that were stuck in the quicksand and couldnt get out.


Agreed I have since shot back up demolishing teams that I’m guessing got lucky with mid level teams. This system should theoretically balance out especially during tournament. But who knows.


We are seeing the same thing all the way down at 3000-3500. Really strong boosted teams slaughtering teams with dinos 6-7 levels below them. As far as we can tell, there were people who were artificially high or low and things need to settle out now that they have changed matchmaking

I’ve dropped 200 points in two days, but the matches today were more fair than my matches yesterday. I think it is a sign that those powerful teams I saw yesterday are moving up out of my area back to where they belong. Once they all migrate, then hopefully we will all have fair and fun battles again.


is it safe now to level these up?? lol :sweat_smile:


For sure it is, your team doesn’t belong above 5k and you see some teams that were busted down to 4500 (27-28 all uniques) or less, this is definitely the pain of fixing that.

Right now some people are slaughtering every person they face because the previous match making was so bad, they ended up in Lockwood with a top 500 team. In a couple weeks, if the match making is decent, you’ll be back to fighting teams you should be.


No one’s team “belong” anywhere after that 1.6 matchmaking.

But I’m happy to hear that many others are going through the same… then it’s hopefully the matchmaking changing again. It’s just strange that they didn’t announce anything about it.


Probably one of the 125 bugs they fixed - maybe not a new match making system, just fixed…

But that is/was no bug. It was how they’ve programmed it.